Memorial Day Weeked Recap (Part 2)

The second half of my Memorial Day Weekend was very low key but still just as much fun as the first part.

And it was all because I got to spend some more much needed time with my hubby.

Michael has worked longer hours these past few weeks and has some travel coming up, so it was wonderful to have a little one-on-one time.

Lately, we’ve loved taking Sunday drives together and finding little scenic roads to explore and enjoy.

Well, Michael found some random roads on the map on Sunday for us to drive along.

And when I say random, I really mean random.

We ended up on completely desolate, unpaved, dirt roads for several miles which made for an extremely bumpy ride.  Not only that, but the roads weren’t really meant for two-way traffic and the shoulders were basically huge ditches.


Just as we hit some paved roads and we thought we were in for smooth sailing… there were more unpaved rocky roads.


Thankfully, we did eventually end up on some beautiful, modern-day, paved roads.  The things we take for granted, right?

The roads lead us past many farms and cute horses- some of which were grazing right at their owner’s front doors.

By the way, I have kind of an obsession with farms, barns, and farm animals, and I’d love to have a tiny little farm of my own someday.

Of course, we grilled our usual Sunday steaks that evening (although we have been switching them up with chicken kebobs and salmon lately).


No wine for me, but I did make a Nojito (a virgin mojito).  It was good, but… definitely not the same as the real thing.


After dinner, we watched a fabulous 90s movie called The American President starring Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Michael J. Fox, and Annette Benning.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest that you do.  You cannot beat the cast, the clever dialogue, or the sweet storyline.

I loved it!

On Monday, we actually had to take a long drive to pick up a new RC plane that Michael purchased from someone.  Afterwards we ended up at an outlet mall called Concord Mills.

Guess who loaded up on maternity wear?


I even took an extremely cheesy and awkward dressing room photo for you all (and certainly felt cheesy and awkward while doing so).

We concluded our weekend with some turkey burgers, homemade fries, and fresh corn from the farmer’s market.

And of course, we watched another movie.  This time, it was The Adventures of Tin Tin.  The animation in this movie is incredible.  At times, we forgot that we were watching an animated film!

Dinner and a movie at home?  I know…we’re so predictable sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade my weekend traditions with Michael for anything else in the entire world.

Do you have any recipes for non-alcoholic beverages?  I have to admit that I am sick of drinking water.  I’d love to find a refreshing pregnancy-friendly drink for the summer, so please share your suggestions!

Hope you have a great day!

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  1. When I was pregnant with FOO, I drank a lot of sparkling water with a dash of grenadine and a lime. It was refreshing and made me feel like a part of the party. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend:) I hung out with my other half, watched some movies, cooked & baked and we went for a drive on Sunday. Have a Great Week:)

  3. Cindi

    I like putting fruit & herbs in my water for some flavor. In my fridge now I have watermelon & basil in one pitcher, and orange and mint in another pitcher. Strawberry cucumber is yummy too!

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