Mommy Monday: Spending time with loved ones after baby

Hi, everyone!

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll now be taking part in Mommy Monday, a blog series started by Erin of Simply Just Lovely.  For more info, be sure to check out Erin’s blog!

As you probably noticed, this week’s topic is spending time with loved ones after having a baby.

I’m know that every situation is unique, but overall maintaining somewhat of a social life hasn’t been that much of a challenge for me.


It just takes a little effort and flexibility.

Before Michael was born, I cooked up a storm and stocked up our freezer with enough food to last us for the next two years (I’m only sort of exaggerating).  I seriously thought that I’d never get to leave the house again.

Date nights?

I assumed those would be a beautiful distant memory.

But I quickly realized that, just because MT and I are parents now, our dates don’t have to die.  We just take the baby with us!

Sometimes we’ll go out for breakfast or lunch if dinner isn’t practical, but we always manage to make it work.  Even if I have a baby on my lap the entire time, I still love our dates and look forward to them.


(Picture from our date this past Saturday)


MT and I also value our alone time when the baby is sleeping.  Sure, that usually means sitting on the couch catching up on DVR, and I often end up passing out…but at least we’re together.

I also love cooking up a romantic dinner and serving it in our formal dining room.  It’s like date night at home!

And in case you’re wondering, we still do our Steak, Wine, and Popcorn Sundays.  We just have to hit the pause button on our movies a little more often than we did pre-baby.

As far as spending time with friends…

I try to keep Michael on somewhat of a schedule, and sometimes I can’t get out of the house to meet up with friends.  Oftentimes, I’ll simply have a friend over to our house for lunch during the week, or we’ll even take a walk around my neighborhood with the baby.  Quick lunch dates are always fun too, and they are a great way to sneak in some adult interaction during the day.

They also give me a much needed break from Elmo.

Moral of the story?

Time with loved ones doesn’t have to end when the baby arrives.  Sometimes you just have to get a little creative.

Did you have a difficult time fitting in quality time with your loved ones after your baby was born?  If so, how did you overcome the challenge?

Have a great day!

(PS- Now that I’m partaking in Mommy Monday, this means that my weekend recaps will either be rolled into Mommy Monday or posted on Tuesdays.  It also means that I’m going to try to limit the baby-centric posts to one day per week.)


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