My best decluttering tip (& it might surprise you)

As some of you may know, I’ve been into decluttering and minimalism for awhile, and I’ve really kicked the purging process into high gear because we are preparing to sell our house in the very near future (so excited!).  I obviously want to stage our house really well, but I also want to avoid bringing anything unnecessary into our next home.

My current project has been going through all of those “organized” bins, baskets, and storage containers in my house, and it has been an eye-opening experience.

My best decluttering tip

After this long process, I have a major piece of advice to share with you.

Do not buy bins or containers.  

You don’t have to kiss The Container Store good-bye forever (I’ll explain in a minute), but here’s why you might want to consider taking a break for awhile.

1.  Bins create nothing more than organized clutter.

Here’s an example of what I mean:  I recently pulled a neatly labeled bin from my closet and found that I was holding onto an unnecessary amount of belts and scarves.  Is it really essential to own 5 black belts?  I could probably get by just fine with one or two especially since I hardly even wears belts at all!   I realized that, even though the box appeared to be organized and the contents were out of my way, the items were still creating clutter in my home.

2.  Storage containers take your possessions out of plain sight- and out of mind.

Back to that box of belts and scarves.  Did I mention that I didn’t even realize that I owned most of them?  One of the belts that I found was yellow.  In a million years, I never would have guessed that I owned a yellow belt.  What good was that belt doing me if I didn’t even know I had it?

3.  They cause us to buy things we don’t need.

After purchasing some face wash a few months ago, I went to add it to a container that I used to store all of my skin care products.  Well, when I opened that container, I discovered that I already had two other bottles of the same exact wash tossed in there!  I’m almost embarrassed to admit how many other times something similar has happened, and it’s such a waste of money and space.


I’ll admit that I am a sucker for baskets, and I do think that storage containers have a place in the home.  In fact, they are pretty much essential when it comes to storing off-season clothing and holiday decorations.

If you’re a bin fanatic and you just cannot imagine giving them up, my second piece of advice is to hold off on purchasing them until after you’ve sorted through your clutter.  Then you won’t be as tempted to hang onto something you don’t need just because you know you have a place to store it.


What is your biggest piece of advice when it comes to organizing and decluttering?

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  1. I so agree with you about baskets and bins. It’s so nice and pretty but it’s just a pretty disorganization. I’m also guilty of purchasing things when I already had one or two at home. Great advice.

    • Yes- pretty disorganization! I have so many empty containers now, and I am pretty sure that I had a bit of a bin buying problem at one point. LOL.

  2. We recently moved cross country – the West to the Southeast. We went from a 3 to 4 bedroom home down to a 1 bedroom home – dropped about 5000 pounds. I mainly use totes for storing seasonal items. I am a sucker for baskets, bins and organizing items. Great Post – thanks for sharing.

    • Wow! It must have felt so good to downsize. There’s no hope of down sizing for us yet with all of these baby toys! Haha.

    • It does and there is nothing we miss. I still think we are holding on to some things due to wanting a house again in the near future. I am sure you could open a store with what two children require – ha!

  3. Hi there, Erin! My name is Kate and I’m a new subscriber to your blog! Congrats on your recent pregnancy and your other children seem very adorable. I’m new to the world of blogging, and am a described travelling gypsy because I have moved around for most of my life (I’m almost 21!) and don’t have a place to call home. I’m still in my first year of university and this past autumn, I moved cross-country with my family. I spent my entire spring season de-cluttering my wardrobe and it felt so amazing! When I went shopping for some things for my mum on Mother’s Day, I found Marie Kondo’s book, and decided to buy it. I read the book on my long commute from home to university, the next day! I just wanted to let you know that I emailed a link of your “Mummy Blog” to my oldest cousin (a first-time dad) and to my aunt for them to enjoy and reference. Do you have any tips for starting out with a blog? Thanks for replying! All the best, Kate

    • Hi Kate! First of all, I am so sorry that it took me so long to reply to your sweet thoughtful comment. Life has been so busy lately that my blogs have been slightly neglected. 🙁 Now, onto the fun stuff! Congratulations on starting you own blog! Blogging is such an amazing creative outlet, and believe it or not, it is a wonderful way to meet truly wonderful people. In fact, I met most of my friends in Charlotte through blogging- including my very best friend here! My biggest blogging tips are to always be true to yourself and to only blog when you feel inspired. There are so many other bloggers whom I admire, but I know that if I try to copy or emulate them too much, I am not being authentic- and readers can definitely see through that. As far as not writing when you don’t feel inspired, I just believe that it is better to not put up any content than to throw something out there that I am not truly proud of just to say that I blogged that day. Sure, being consistent helps, but I really believe in quality over quantity. Some other tips are to keep engaging with other bloggers, join a community like the SITS Girls or Blogher, and make sure that you just have fun with it! Good luck & you can always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want any advice. 🙂 Oh and thank you for spreading the word about my mommy blog. That makes me very happy!

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