My Current Favorite Face Mask: The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom

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It has been a minute since I’ve checked in, and it feels so good to be back to blogging today.  Moving into our new house was quite the process- though it was absolutely worth the whole ordeal and even inspired the post that will be up after this one.  Now that we’re moved in and are getting settled, I should be blogging more consistently.

While I have a set skin care routine, as a blogger who focuses a lot on green beauty, I buy and receive a lot of products to test and review.  Sometimes trying so many different things can take its toll on my skin, and I had a horrible reaction to one product right before Megan was born.

I’m talking about a lot of embarrassing, tiny, red bumps all over my chin, around my mouth, and under my nose.

I consulted friends for advice, including one who has a beauty channel on You Tube, my mother (who always has the magical answer to everything), my favorite green beauty blog, Google, and my own beauty arsenal, but nothing that I tried seemed to have any impact whatsoever.

The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom

Well, I was packing up one of the bathrooms in my old house one night and found a very generous sample of The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom.  It was probably a bit risky to put another foreign product on my skin, but at that point, the rash had been there for almost a month and I was desperate.

After the first use, I already saw a dramatic improvement in the rash (although not until the following morning), and it has managed to fade even more after two more uses.  An added bonus is that it straight up pulled some blackheads out of my skin.  Other possible benefits include: reduced inflammation, tighter pores, and detoxification.

The mask comes in powder form and needs to be mixed with about a tablespoon of water.  I always manage to make mine a tad runny, but applying it with a brush seems to  combat that error.  The directions say to leave it on for 30-45 minutes depending on your skin’s sensitivity.  Some people don’t like the tingling sensation of the mask and leave it on for even less time, but I personally don’t mind it at all and am able to leave it on for around an hour.


Fuller’s Earth Clay, Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, **Theobroma Cacao (Raw Cacao), Red Alaea Sea Salt, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Bicarbonate, Bamboo Carbon Charcoal Powder, *Vanilla Planifolia Bean, *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower, *Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root, ***Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense), *Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola), *Archangelica (Angelica) Root, *Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (Cinnamon), *Myristica Fragans (Nutmeg), *Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove), *Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), *Capsicum Annuum (Cayenne) Pepper.

*Certified Organic
**Fair Trade Certified
***Wild Harvested

Unfortunately, this mask is not cheap, and if I didn’t love it so much, I’d never recommend a mask that will cost you ninety bucks.  After using my sample a number of times, I know that the investment will be worthwhile for me, but I highly recommend getting a sample before you take the plunge.  FYI- I got mine through Citrine Natural Beauty Bar.

If you do end up getting a sample or buy the mask, let me know how it works for you.  That’s my favorite part of doing product reviews!

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