My Oiling Pulling Journey: Results & Thoughts After 1 Month

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Happy New Year!

I hope that 2014 is off to a wonderful start for all of you.  We didn’t do much on New Year’s Eve, but I’ll give you a mini recap in tomorrow’s post.

As I said in the beginning of my oil pulling journey, my intention was to stick with it for an entire month, and I did it! Well, I guess I technically have a few more days to go, but for the purpose of these recaps, I achieved my goal. 😉


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Before I get into my final results and thoughts, here’s a little overview of week four…

Day Twenty-Two

I finished my bottle of sesame oil this morning!  I really plowed through it quickly, but as I’ve told you many times before, sesame oil has been my favorite oil to swish with during this process.

Day Twenty-Three

Rather than buying more sesame oil, I decided to use more olive oil and coconut oil.  On this day, I pulled with olive oil in the morning for 20 minutes and coconut oil at night for 15 minutes.   I know that I sound like a broken record, but I hate oil pulling with coconut oil.

Day Twenty-Four

I swished olive oil for 20 minutes in the morning but didn’t get to pull again that evening.

Day Twenty-Five

The same as yesterday, I used olive oil in the morning for 20 minutes, but I wasn’t able to devote time to doing it again before bed.

Day Twenty-Six

I really missed doing the oil pulling multiple times a day and made a point of doing it three times this day.

Day Twenty-Seven

When I woke, I swished with olive oil for 20 minutes.  Later in the day, I went to the store and bought more sesame oil and swished with it that evening.  It felt good to be reunited with my beloved oil again.

Day Twenty-Eight

I learned that oil pulling can be dangerous today.  Everything went just fine in the morning, but later in the day, it was a different story.  I decided to do some swishing with sesame oil around 4 pm.  In order to kill some time, I did some housecleaning while I swished.  As I was scrubbing the toilet in my master bathroom, Michael came up next to me and slammed the seat into my head.  I now have a cut, a bump, and a bruise on my forehead.  I accidentally went over it with my Clarisonic last night, and it wasn’t pleasant!


After nearly a full month of oil pulling, I’m pretty pleased with my results.  My teeth are whiter, sensitivity is gone, my mouth feels cleaner, my skin looks great, and I have more energy.

There was also one pretty incredible result that I didn’t share.

A few days before I started oil pulling, I was in the shower and felt a large hard bump on the left side of my face (kind of near my jaw line).  Needless to say, it really freaked me out!  Although the area was kind of tender a few days beforehand, the lump seemed to appear out of nowhere.  I immediately turned to Google for answers, and everything that I read just freaked me out even further.  My OB/GYN told me that he had never seen anything like it (which is always just great to hear, right?), so I made an appointment to see my dentist to get his thoughts.

By the time I was able to see my dentist, I had been oil pulling for about two weeks, and the lump had actually decreased from the size of a golf ball to the size of a marble.  After taking an x-ray (which my OB/GYN said was perfectly safe at this stage in my pregnancy), my dentist determined that the lump was caused by one of my teeth (root canal for me!) and that it wasn’t anything dangerous- especially since the lump was shrinking.

It was obviously a huge relief, and after a few more days of oil pulling, the lump was nearly gone.

How do I know that the lump went down because of the oil pulling?

Remember those two days during week four when I was only able to do it once in the morning?  Well, the lump started to get bigger again almost immediately!  As soon as I got back into doing it multiple times a day, the lump started to shrink again.

I guess it is safe to say that I’m officially a believer in the power of oil pulling, and I absolutely intend on keeping up with it. It’s now a part of my daily routine.

I won’t do weekly recaps any longer, but if you’re interested, I’ll check in monthly or every few months to let you know how it is going and whether I’ve seen any more results.  I have to believe that if the results were so great after just a few weeks then they are bound to get even better over time!

So many of you have contacted me to say that you’ve been oil pulling as well or plan to try it soon, and it makes me so happy because I just know that you’ll have great results.

My best tips for anyone who is looking to get into it are to start slowly and build up to 20 minutes a day, find an oil that works for you (which may require trying several), and not to get discouraged if you find it to be difficult in the beginning.  Finally, don’t feel as though you have to pull multiple times a day.  I was obviously eager to get rid of the lump in my mouth, and that’s why I was swishing oil like it was my job!


Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience.  I’ll be more than happy to address them all in the comments or even an FAQ post.  As always, I’d also love to hear all about your own experience if you’ve tried oil pulling for yourself!



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  1. Glad to hear the lump was a tooth-related issue even though a root canal is NO FUN!!! Glad to hear your results and successes. Start slow is the key too! Happy New Year:)

  2. Started oil pulling this morning. I did about 5 minutes with coconut oil. Interesting experience. I’m going to try and give it a month too.

  3. I have loved following this! It is so amazing what natural healing can do!

    xx Kait

  4. Thanks for sharing this, I’ve always thought about trying this.

  5. I have loved following along with you through this experience! I never would have heard of oil pulling otherwise–so interesting.

  6. I have loved reading about this! I want to try myself!

    I’m curious, do you brush your teeth right after each time? And/or swish with water? I would imagine the remaining oil in the mouth after spitting out would feel odd? Or no?

    Also, it must be safe during pregnancy?

    • I usually swish with water right after I spit out the oil and then I brush my teeth really thoroughly to remove any of the residual oil. My mouth always feels SO clean when I am done. You’d be surprised at how little of the oil you can still taste before you brush actually!

      Everything that I have read says that it is completely safe during pregnancy, but I always encourage everyone to check wit their doctor’s if they have any doubts.

  7. I actually just started oil pulling yesturday with coconut oil. I didn’t mind the coconut oil once it actually melted…it was definitely a bit weird when it was solid still. I will have to give Sesame oil a try though! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • I love hearing this! Are you still doing it? If so, I hope it’s going well. I envy the fact that you don’t mind the coconut oil!

  8. Michelle

    SO happy your lump is gone!!! I was just thinking about it the other day and hoping for the best. Yay! xo

  9. Did you talk to the dentist again? Do you still have to have the root canal, or did the pulling actually fix that??

    • I went ahead and had the root canal anyway just be safe, but by the time I went the lump was pretty much gone! The dentist was like, “Wait, what? It went away?!” LOL.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have never heard of oil pulling until a few weeks ago my aunt was telling me how amazing it is. You’ve inspired me, going to start tomorrow morning. Looking forward to hearing about your pulling journey!

  11. wow this is pretty aamzing..thanks for sharing!

  12. Hey Erin, Thanks for finding my blog, I’m so glad you did because now I too have a new blog to follow. This Oil Pulling journey of yours is crazy! I’ve never heard of it before, but after reading your first post on it I had to binge and read them all. LOL I have sjogrens disease, and suffer from constant dental issues because of it, and now I’m really wondering if this might be something I should try…*Puts on glasses and starts researching like a maniac* Thanks again for stopping by my blog, I’m glad to have met you. 🙂
    XO – Samantha

  13. I have never heard of this and I was so fascinated by it! I’m definitely going to do this!! Thank you for sharing!! =)

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