My pregnancy favorites


I’ve been meaning to do a post all about my favorite maternity items and resources for quite awhile now.  I guess it’s good that I’m only just getting around to it now though because I’ve accumulated a bunch of things to share with you.

Hopefully, you can either use these things yourself, or this post will help you to find a gift for a loved one who might be expecting.  🙂


Favorite stores to shop for maternity clothes

As far as shopping for maternity clothes goes, there are a lot of high-end maternity jeans, dresses, etc., but I’m a big fan of searching for bargains.  Spending a ton of money on clothes that I’d only be wearing for a few months at a time just feels like a waste.

Besides, I’d rather treat myself to some regular clothes post-baby.  😉

I found some amazing deals at Target (both in stores and online), Motherhood Maternity (be sure to sign up for their emails- you’ll get coupons!), and Old Navy.

Unfortunately, not all Old Navy stores carry their maternity line, so you’ll have to search online for locations that do or just shop directly from their website (which is organized conveniently by trimester).  If you get anything from this store, I highly suggest the maternity yoga pants.  They are so comfortable!   I just might have to pull them back out at Thanksgiving (kind of like Joey Tribbiani’s eating pants!).

I’ve also gotten some really cute clothes on sale by shopping on the Gap website.



Favorite places to shop for nursery items

For little items, such as baskets, lamps, and garbage cans, I turned to Target (seriously, what doesn’t that store sell?).   I also utilized when shopping for the throw rug and curtains.  The prices were great, and the items were shipped quickly.

If you’re in the market for unique finds, I definitely suggest Etsy and eBay.  In fact, all of our wall hangings were purchased on Etsy.  The only downside is that you’ll most likely have to handle the framing on your own.


Favorite morning sickness relievers

There comes a time when every woman gets burned out on ginger ale and saltines.  This actually happened to me pretty early on in pregnancy.  I’m still repulsed by both of those things!

As a replacement, I found that the Cats cookies from Trader Joe’s and Glutino gluten-free original crackers were very easy to digest- and neither taste like cardboard which is a bonus.

I also found that Preggie Pop Drops were very helpful in terms of relieving morning sickness, and I love how they are made with natural ingredients.  During the height of my morning sickness, I’d always carry these around in my purse.  I found them at Earthh Fare, but I’ve even seen them in stores like BuyBuy Baby and Babies ‘R Us.


Favorites for alleviating discomfort

If you are pregnant, a pregnancy pillow is a must.  For me, this was especially true during the second trimester. Once the third trimester hit, I’d get too hot to use it every night- although I do still use it a few nights a week.

Personally, I prefer the Leacho Preggle pillow, but I have plenty of friends who love the Snoogle.  My taller friends actually find that the Snoogle works better for them, but I’m petite and thought the Preggle was a perfect fit.

Lately, my heating pad is an absolute necessity when it comes to alleviating pain and discomfort.  While it certainly doesn’t eliminate my back ache and rib burn, it really is soothing- even if it’s just temporary.

Favorites for entertainment

Whenever I’ve needed to relax during my pregnancy, I’ve turned to some of my favorite older television shows (either on DVD or cable).  I went through a major I Love Lucy phase, and lately, I’ve been watching Who’s the Boss? like crazy.  Some other favorites among my girlfriends are Sex and the City and Friends.

I’ve also enjoyed watching Pregnant in Heels on Bravo.  Some of those women are borderline insane! This show is basically just entertaining in general- pregnant or not.

Reading pregnancy books has been a good source of entertainment as well, but I can’t fully comment on how helpful they’ve all been just yet in terms of preparing me for labor.  I’ll let you know my thoughts on that in a few weeks!


Favorite pregnancy websites

There are so many great websites related to pregnancy, but my favorites have been The Bump (this one has great checklists), What to Expect (so helpful when generating a birth plan), and Fit Pregnancy (I love their smoothie recipes).


Favorite online shopping sites for gifts

If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite pregnant woman, I absolutely recommend a due date necklace like the one my sister bought for me.   Mine has spared me from having to answer that question every ten seconds, but most importantly, I think it will be a very special keepsake one day.

Another fun resource for gifts is Glitzy Glam.  This is where I purchased my hospital bag, and I love it!  Aside from bags, there are cute mugs, cosmetic cases, spa items, and more that you can have personalized.  It is actually one of my favorite places to shop in general.


So, that’s my long list of favorites, but I actually do have one more to add…

My husband.

I’ve had an easy pregnancy, but even so, I couldn’t imagine going through the experience without Michael’s support.  He’s gone through so much with me- from ultrasounds to shopping for baby furniture to satisfying random food cravings.  It’s only strengthened the special bond that we already had, and I’m so thankful to have a husband who is truly my partner and best friend.


Do you have anything to add to this list?  If so, please share in the comments!


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  1. Great Post – love that necklace – what a great idea that can become a keepsake too. Ha! – on the yoga pants – You GO Girl! I do have one thing to add – a friend of mine that has a group of girls that have babies or children around the same age get together at least once a month to swap gently used clothes from their kids as well as toys. She stated it has become a support network as well as a way to save a little dough, especially with the cost of formula, wipes and diapers added to the mix. Have a Great Day:)

  2. What a great list!! You look adorable. 🙂 I will be sharing on Pinterest. Stopping by from SITs!

    Kathryn @ Singing Through the Rain


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