November 2016 Favorites

Happy Holidays!

I hope you’re all feeling festive.  Thanks to my kiddos, Christmas has never been so much fun.  My son actually looks like a bit Kevin in Home Alone and has a whole lot of Buddy the Elf in him as far as personality.  It’s pretty spectacular really.

I’m going to do a little gift guide next week, so please check on back!

Here are my favorites from last month…


Sunwarrior Sol Good Protein Bar in Salted Caramel

When it comes to salty or sweet, I am a salt fan all the way…but when I can get both?  It is the best.  Sunwarrior sent me some of their new bars to try, and this one was definitely my favorite.  Lightly sprinkled in sea salt and just sweet enough. Each bar contains only 3 grams of sugar and 19 grams of protein.

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

I use the Alima Pure highlighter, bronzer, and setting powder quite frequently, so I figured that I would probably really like the mineral foundation as well.  Turns out, I love it.  I’d say that the coverage is light to medium.  You definitely will not look overdone or mask-like. It holds up really well throughout the day while some mineral foundations can start to look a bit chalky or just fade off completely. As a dry skin type, I typically shy away from anything with the word “matte” in the name, but this leaves me just matte enough and still a little dewy.  As far as I am concerned, you cannot go wrong with this brand.

LC Organics Gingerbread Scrub

I realize that it is the season of giving to others, but seriously, get this for yourself ASAP.  If you feel guilty about doing that, get one for someone else too.  I’ve been using it a few times a week, and not only does the scent completely put me in the holiday spirit, it makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.  (FYI- The other two products in the holiday pack are amazing as well!)

Innersense Pure Harmony Shampoo

The gorgeous Organic Bunny has raved about Innersense shampoo for awhile now, and since her hair is pretty dream worthy, I figured that I would buy some for myself.  I think that, of all the natural shampoos I’ve used, the scent of this one might be my favorite.  I also love how it suds up pretty well for a nontoxic shampoo- and I do like the feeling of a good lather.  My hair always feels very clean after washing with it, and I have actually been able stretch out my washings a bit longer lately which cannot just be coincidence.

Brija ESPN Highlight

I received a very generous sample of this highlighter with an order that I placed, and I was really taken aback by how gorgeous it is.  It is a powder but goes on creamy, and the result is a golden glow (but you won’t look an Oscar award or anything).   I am going to order the full size today- which by the way, is going to set me back a whopping $7.50.  I mean, no brainer, right?


I’m not into Marvel movies or comics in general, so I wasn’t really sure if I would like a television show all about Batman.  I am so glad that we gave this a shot because my husband and I are hooked!  It is set in Gotham City, and you basically get to see how the characters develop as we all know them today.  Robin Lord Taylor (the actor who plays penguin) is incredible and just blows us away every episode. If you are looking to get into a new series, give this a go.  It’s on Netflix!


What are some of your favorites from the month?  Share away!



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