OB appointment & healthy eats from the week

I’m still waiting on Baby Turner! The little stinker is now officially two days late and must be super comfy in here.

Michael and I met with our doctor on Wednesday though, and if I don’t deliver by Tuesday, we’re going to schedule my induction.

So much for what the doctor originally said about delivering early, right?

In the meantime, I’m enjoying little things like a spur-of-the-moment date with Michael the other night.

And a visit from Jen and her adorable son Wyatt yesterday.  They even brought me Subway!

I love my friends.

Speaking of food, here are some of the healthy things I’ve eaten this week…


Healthy eats of the week

Van’s lite waffles with banana slices, raw honey, and chia seeds

Salmon salad (I know you’re just so shocked… ;))

Glowing green smoothie

Roasted chicken salad

Salad with baked tofu, cranberries, and butternut squash

Kale and potato soup with turkey sausage (I used sweet potatoes instead of red potatoes.)

What was the healthiest food that you ate this week?  As always, links are welcome.

Happy Friday!

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  1. ahhh sorry your doctor said that to you. that’s why i’ve always thought it’s almost better not to be checked each week since it’s really not a good determiner of when you’ll actually go into labor! at my birth class, my teacher told us that she’s had many friends walking around at 3cm for a month but still being overdue. then again, there are also the people who go from 0cm to 4 in just a few hours! that said, i really hope baby comes soon! it is such a pain waiting. however – be glad that he is taking the whole time to get ready for birth because i really think that’s why elena was so alert when she was born. it also helps makes sure their lungs are 100% ready to go and the digestive system is all set too (which could be good to help control acid reflux and whatnot!) and she has had no issues with any of that.

    • Thanks, Sara! This actually makes me feel a lot better. Hopefully, he’s just taking this time to get extra strong and smart. 🙂

  2. You look awesome for being over due. I wish I would of looked that cute!

  3. Good Luck with Baby Turner arriving – must be real comfy in there! I have been eating more of a plant-based diet this week and love feeling oh so healthy! Have a Great Weekend:)


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