Our baby’s nursery


It’s hard to believe that my little baby is already 6 weeks old.

Even though he still hasn’t spent a full night (or even half a night) sleeping in it, I’m going to give you the grand tour of Michael’s room today.

Maybe one of these days, mommy can let go and allow him to actually spend some time in there.  After all, that Moses basket is starting to get pretty cramped!

Before I get into all of the photos, here’s a little background information…



We didn’t really choose a theme for the room and just bought what we liked.  That being said, you’ll notice that we apparently have a thing for zoo animals, especially giraffes.



MT and I chose a very neutral paint color for the walls because it suited our more classic tastes- and because we didn’t feel like painting over a circus-themed mural in two years.  In other words, laziness and practicality came into play a bit in this area.   For a little more color and fun, we used accents of blue and green.



We wanted something traditional and agreed on a dark wood finish.  If we were having a girl, we would have went with antique white.  It was also important to get pieces that Michael can still use as he grows older.  For instance, the crib converts into a twin bed, and the changing table converts into a book shelf.


OK… it’s picture time!


Area rug: Overtsock.com

Giraffe: Toys ‘R Us

Window valances: Target

Paint color: Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore

Wall art:  Etsy (Animal Cracker shop)

Frames: Local frame store

Crib: Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture

Bedding: Also by Bellini

Honey bear musical mobile: Baby Earth

Book shelf: Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture

Ceramic elephant and zebra: eBay

Piggy bank: Consignment sale

Changing table: Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture

Basket: Babies ‘R Us

Elephant: Gift from Italy

Glider/Chair: Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture

Fleece throw blanket: Target

Nightstand: Also from Bellini

Baskets: Target (We also have another for stuffed animals.)

That’s basically it!

MT and I also picked up some “M”, “P”, and “T” initials to hang on the wall months ago, but they look sort of complicated to hang. Needless to say, they are sitting in a drawer and will probably never see the light of day again.

Since these photos were taken, the baby also received an adorable rocking horse as a gift, the bumper was removed from the crib for safety purposes, and there is now a fitted Christmas sheet on his mattress.

MT and I are really pleased with the room, and I think it will be very simple to update when Michael gets older (although I don’t want to think about my baby growing up just yet!).

If you have questions about anything you see here, feel free to ask in the comments or shoot me an email.  I also plan to do a follow-up post soon in which I’ll show you the baby’s bathroom.

Have a great day!

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  1. Love the nursery – that glove and ball is oh so darling:) Concerning the letters just get some l-brackets and just stand them up instead of putting on the wall. OR Get some 3M Command products and hang them on the wa11 – easy to remove too. Just some ideas. Have a Great One:)

    • Thank you for the suggestions, Renee! I told Michael that we should try the 3M hooks, but he wasn’t convinced. Maybe now that I have you to back me up, I can convince him. 😉

      • Easy Peasy for him or you to hang – less than 5 minutes tops – plus it is a nursery if the letters are not hung perfectly just adds a little whimsy, which is great for the wee ones! Good Luck:)

  2. Beautiful!! Baby Michael is very lucky to have such a nice room…when he gets there 😉 It’s not so bad after that first night, promise!

    • Aw. Thanks, Michelle! I need to be a big girl and just get over that first full night. The poor baby really is about ready to outgrow that basket.

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