Panera Bread (and an update on my concussion)


If you’re a regular reader of The Grass Skirt, you may have noticed that I love to eat at Panera Bread.  If I had it my way, I’d seriously eat there every single day.



What you may not know, however, is that I sort of have a history with Panera, and it all started about 7 years ago.

(Cue the flashback music and special effects…)

When I first moved down south, I didn’t know anyone here (with the obvious exception of my family).  Before I established a social circle, I had a lot of time on my hands, and I’d often go to Panera with my laptop to write.

(I’ve been working on a book based on the craziness that is my life for about 8 years now.)

MT and I used to work at the same office, and when we first started dating, he’d bring me a hazelnut coffee and whole grain bagel from Panera quite often.  It was always such a fun treat to see that coffee cup and brown bag sitting on my desk in the morning- not only because I had a weakness for coffee and bagels but because someone who I loved dearly was thoughtful and sweet enough to bring them to me.

After we had been dating for awhile, MT and I would go to Panera on Saturday or Sunday mornings for breakfast.  It wasn’t long until we came to know the people who worked there by name, and we’d recognize the same customers.  I looked forward to those little breakfast dates all week long.

When I was pregnant with Michael, I lived off of Panera bagels. Oddly enough, I never grew tired of them, and I still consider those nine months to be some of the best days of my life.

Now Panera is the place where I meet up with some of my dearest friends and family for lunch (and I love how the restaurant actually has some healthy options!).

Because I’m such a fan of Panera, I was really excited when I was offered the opportunity to review their soup recently.  I told MT that we had to go on Tuesday or Thursday because that’s when they serve their vegetarian black bean soup- my very favorite.

I love how it has a slight kick and always tastes fresh.  Even though I’m not a vegetarian, I don’t always feel like eating meat.  The black bean soup is a great way to sneak in some protein (at 12 grams per full serving) without eating meat.



It wasn’t difficult to convince MT to join me, and we met up for a lunch date a few weeks ago.  We even ran into Brittney and her cute baby bump.


MT and I both ordered the “you pick two” soup and salad combos.  I obviously had the black bean soup, but MT ordered the broccoli cheddar- and clearly loved every last bit.

As always, the food was delicious, and I got to add something new to my Panera timeline.  It was the first time that baby Michael and I met his daddy for lunch.  🙂



Before I go and rest my banged up head…

Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments regarding my little accident.  I’m feeling a tiny bit better, but I’m definitely still dizzy with a headache and haven’t been brave enough to look at the wound just yet.

Have a great day, everyone!

(Please note: Although I was compensated for this post as part of the DailyBuzz Tastemakers program, all opinions and experiences expressed above are my own.)

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  1. Just take it easy:) I miss Panera – me and Mr. Craves liked to hang out there in our dating years too. Have a Great One!


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