Part two: My daughter’s birth story

(Continued from part one…)

Once we arrived at the hospital, I was wheeled into the maternity ward and immediately brought to the delivery room.

I don’t remember things moving so quickly when I went into labor with Michael, but the nurses sure seemed eager to get the ball rolling (and the baby moving) this time around.

After changing into one of those stylish and lovely hospital gowns, I made my way to the hospital bed- and to be honest, I was kind of regretting the fact that I scarfed down a big lunch beforehand.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Anyway, because my blood pressure (which is already quite low) dropped so significantly when I was in labor with Michael, the nurses didn’t want to take any chances and pumped me up with two bags of fluid.

When the doctor came in, I really got that “I’ve been here before” feeling.  He was the same doctor who delivered Michael!  Needless to say, I was really happy, and he was actually pretty pumped about it too.  I’m sure that any of the doctors in the practice would have been wonderful, but it was really comforting to go through it all again with a familiar face.

The doctor said he couldn’t believe I had been walking around in my condition and that he would have broken my water regardless of whether I was having contractions just to put me out of my misery.

Did I already mention how happy I was to have that doctor?

If I had been in the right kind of shape to do a cartwheel, I would have done one right then and there.

Once my water broke, the doctor said that things would move very quickly.  MT looked at the clock and noted that the time was about 2:40 pm and asked if Addison would be here by that evening.  The nurse replied, “Oh, she’ll be here by 3 pm.”

Thankfully, I had just enough time to get my epidural.

addie's birth

Not long after, the doctor told me that it was time to push.  This might sounds ridiculous, but to say that I was excited would be a major understatement.  I gave one forceful long push, and at 3:07 pm on April 8, 2014, my sweet little Addison Nicole Turner was brought into the world.

The doctor actually had to tell me to stop pushing (which was probably a first in his experience).

Like I said in part one, I got pretty emotional when Addison was handed to me.   Any worries that I had about being able to love a second child flew right out the window.

Addie's birth 2

It’s kind of crazy how sometimes you don’t know that you have an empty space in your heart until someone comes along and fills it.

I can honestly say that my heart feels full, and I’m the happiest that I’ve ever been knowing that my little family is complete.

addie & mp

Michael is adjusting well to having a sibling, but of course, he still gets a little jealous here and there.  I can tell that he loves Addie though, and it just melts my heart when he leans over to give her kisses.

I’d be lying if I told you that everything was easy and picture perfect though.  Having a toddler and a newborn definitely has its challenges, but even on the most difficult days, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

(OK, fine.  Maybe I would add a little bit more sleep into the mix…)

I know that I’ll figure out the little things eventually (like when to shower and get dressed), and I certainly can’t complain. I have my prince and my princess and that’s totally worth being a little bit stinky.


Thank you for all of the sweet comments, messages, and tweets.  I’ve just loved sharing my whole journey with you.  I promise that I’ll cool it with the baby-filled posts for a bit though.  In fact, I have some food related posts on tap for next week (along with a fun giveaway).

Have a great weekend and happy Easter to all of those who celebrate!



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  1. 2 Beautiful Blessings Sweetie:) Your post made me laugh and of course tear up a bit. You did not have long to wait to see her either. Your two are so SWEET and CUTE together:)Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happy Weekend!!!

  2. Aww she is gorgeous and this was a lovely birth story, congratulations on your beautiful family Xx

  3. Wow- what a quick turn around time with your labor. I’m glad things went pretty smoothly for you. Congrats on your new little one 🙂

  4. So happy for you!!! But you can still pump out the baby-filled posts, I won’t mind 😉 haha

    • Thank you, Char! I won’t be able to hold off on the baby stuff for long. In fact, I have a nursery reveal post coming up soon. 😉

  5. Such a sweet story– thank you for sharing!! He is absolutely beautiful! 🙂 Oh, and Happy Easter!

    Diary of a Debutante

  6. Addison is adorable! congratulations!!! so quick! And you look amazing! how do you manage it?!?! can’t wait for the nursery reveal!! take care xx


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