Part two: Weekend recap (picking apples)


(See part one of my weekend recap here.)

After our lunch in Saluda on Sunday, Michael and I ventured to Stepp’s Orchard in Hendersonville, North Carolina to pick some apples.

We’ve gone there every September for the past three years now, and it has become one of my favorite traditions.

It turned out that we got there pretty much right as they opened, so we really had the run of the orchard.

Unfortunately, honey crisps are already out of season, but we did manage to stock up on Rome apples.

The first year that we went to the orchard, I befriended some cows, and I was really excited to visit them again yesterday (though I did so from a distance because they seemed more interested grazing).

My feelings weren’t too hurt though because I made a new friend.

And then Michael made me pose for this picture…

Well, I guess that it was technically the baby who posed because that black dot is my bump sticking through the cut-out.

The orchard is so beautiful, and I’m so happy that we went there again.

I actually came home with much more than a bag of apples.

I left behind the sadness that Michael and I won’t have as much time alone together anymore and returned with the excitement of bringing our sweet baby boy with us next year.

Not a bad weekend. 🙂

How did you spend your weekend?  Have you ever gone apple picking?

I’ll be back with a tomorrow with a Trader Joe’s haul and a fall giveaway!

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  1. Great Post – love the bump sticking out of the cut out – ha! I actually got to experience the Savor the Central Coast Food and Wine event hosted by Sunset & Vons on Saturday – had a BLAST! I love apple and pumpkin picking:) Happy Monday!

  2. Hallo! Hopping by from Saturday’s Sharefest!
    I laughed a lot with the original take on the traditional babybump picture. And I can completely see why you love your yearly tradition. It seems to me like a day of realness and connecting with all those wonders we take for granted so often.
    And I’m going to check your blog out because I can see we have some things in common and I’m really curious to find out!!

    • Thanks so much for visiting! I’m about to check out your site right now. 🙂 The bump pic was all my husband’s idea. We took it in front of about 30 onlookers which was a bit embarrassing. LOL. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Apple Picking! Oh, how I love that. Nothing is more FALL than Apple picking in western New York. Except this year it’s been very depressing. The season came early, and there was a 90% loss of crop in some places because of the spring and summer weather we had here. I have students whose families work in the orchards, and some of the farms sent their migrants away because of lack of work. And, the orchard we usually go to didn’t even allow u-pick this year. SO SAD. Looking forward to next year though. Happy Saturday! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest!

    • Oh it makes me so sad to hear that! I grew up in Westchester County, New York and always loved visiting the orchards with my family. The donuts and cider were always my favorite part. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. This is great! I can’t believe we haven’t gone apple picking this year- it always seems to zip by and I forget. Your new friend is quite handsome.


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