Pregnancy update (19 weeks)

I was going to give a pregnancy update this week as part of my usual Things I Didn’t Share Friday post but decided that the topic called for a post of its own.

We had an ultrasound on Tuesday and found out that our baby is definitely still a girl (let the shopping continue!) and weighs a whopping 9 ounces.  I’m also a little bit further along than the doctor originally estimated, and I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow.

This was obviously pretty happy news.


18 week ultrasoundOne of our 3D ultrasound pictures from this week’s visit to the doctor


Everything seemed to be going great until we learned that I have something called placenta previa.

This basically means that my placenta is lying unusually low in my cervix.

This condition isn’t terribly uncommon, and in most cases, the placenta moves before delivery.  Unfortunately, my doctor isn’t entirely convinced that my condition will improve after seeing my ultrasound- although there is definitely a chance of improvement.

So, what if the situation doesn’t get better?

I’ll probably see some bleeding and will be admitted into the hospital (possibly for several weeks).  Depending on how the baby looks, I’ll have a c-section and will deliver her much earlier than my original due date.  This will prevent the risk of complications (such as hemorrhaging).

In extreme situations (which I hopefully won’t have to deal with at all), I may have to undergo surgery as well.

Right now, all I can do is wait and hope that things clear up and return to normal.  I was told to take it as easy as possible, to avoid lifting heavy things (with the exception of carrying Michael), and to refrain from intense exercise to decrease my risk of bleeding.

Clearly, this was a lot of information to digest, and I’m absolutely a little bit scared and freaked out by everything.  But the situation is out of my control right now, and all I can do is follow my doctor’s orders, be thankful that the baby looks healthy, and hope for the best. After all, stressing out isn’t going to help matters at all.

I’m going into overdrive though trying to get things in order since I have absolutely no idea when this little girl is going to arrive.  We’re actually planning to order the nursery furniture this afternoon!

All things considered, I’m feeling pretty good overall- just a little bit tired.  Decorating a nursery will hopefully be a welcome distraction from all of the unknowns, and I’m looking forward to getting started.

If you’ve had any experiences with placenta previa, I’d love to hear them (just so long as they have a happy outcome!), and you can also feel free to ask questions about anything that I might not have covered.

Enjoy your weekend,


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  1. While I didn’t have placenta previa, I did have a couple of c-sections. My best advice. Lay low after the surgery. Get help to take care of your big kid – You can certainly accept help for the little one as well. The recovery for my second one was way harder because I didn’t get the help I needed with my son who was three at the time. If I did have “help” my husband built a swing set for my son – which was great, but that meant I was lifting the older child up for feeding and changing and such. Or the “help” just wanted to hold the baby – or make big mess that I then had to clean up!

    • Thank you for the advice, Ann! My biggest concern has definitely been taking care of Michael post-delivery. He’ll still be so young! I already told MT that he needs to take a week off from work. 🙂

  2. My girlfriend had that condition with her 2nd baby and she was a few weeks early with her delivery and other than the 2 of them staying an extra night at the hospital it went pretty well for her. You know your body, so listen to it as well as the doctor’s orders. The wee one is healthy and that is great news:) Happy Weekend!

  3. Hi Erin! Congratulations again. I’m a registered medical sonographer, which means I perform ultrasound exams. Placenta previa simply means that the placenta implanted itself low in the uterus and the inferior edge is covering the baby’s exit to some degree. In your case the placenta must be covering the entire opening of the cervix if the doctor doesn’t think it will lift enough by your due date. Placenta previa is very common and as long as the doctor knows it’s there it should be okay. Take care and no worries!

  4. So sorry to hear this. Hopefully it will clear up on its own and this worry will be an distant memory.

  5. Honestly, I have yet to know a woman who DIDN’T have some “complication” with her pregnancy. And each one has come out OK, as has their baby. So, a reminder: just because the medical community has spotted an abnormality doesn’t mean there’s something actually threatening (or threatening as they make it sound). *hugs*

  6. Sorry to hear that! Hope it all clears up on its on!

  7. Being in the medical profession, I have seen they have made a lot of medical strides in placenta previa and there is a lot less pain associated. Usually you can expect some bed rest for the later part of pregnancy. Stinks to have, but very do able and your baby should come out happy and healthy with plenty of nutrients with all that yummy placenta! 😉

  8. I’ve heard nothing but success stories from people who had placenta previa — No super early births, no real complications. I have faith that you will be okay! I’m glad that you and your family are doing well otherwise!

  9. I don’t know if you knew that I had a mild case of placenta previa. I was rechecked at 28 weeks and mine had cleared up on it’s own- the placenta moved. I hope the same for you! I’m sure you are in good hands with the monitoring the doctors are doing and hopefully everything will go fine for you! Hugs!

  10. I received the same diagnosis at my 20 week ultrasound. I was told that I had a full placenta previa (rather than marginal, meaning that the cervix was completely covered by the placenta) but the doctors were still hopeful it would pull away before delivery. A month later I was told the placenta still had not moved, and it seemed less likely that it would. However, I can happily tell you that another month later, I was told that the placenta had moved just enough that I was considered only ‘marginal’ placenta previa, and I am now cleared for natural birth. Also, I did not have any bleeding during the time the placenta was over my cervix. I’m now 36 weeks along and doing just fine.

    Hope my story helps you – Good luck!!


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