Raiding the Jason’s Deli salad bar & the pregnancy brain continues


Yesterday afternoon, I met my friend Kirsten for lunch at Jason’s Deli.

Now you may or may not recall how I accidentally stood her up the last time we were supposed to meet there because of a major case of pregnancy brain.

This time, I was determined to get there nice and early.  There was no way that I was going to mess up our plans again!

Kirsten is pregnant too and is also expecting a boy- which makes me ridiculously happy.  I’m so excited for baby play dates!


We both took advantage of the large salad bar and also added chicken for extra protein.

Aside from the chicken, my salad consisted of romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts, beets, peas, red onion, red peppers, olives, and balsamic dressing.


I’m so happy that my body is craving veggies a lot lately (minus broccoli which still repulses me).  It is fun to satisfy those pregnancy cravings, but I am really trying to take care of myself and the baby by eating as healthfully as possible.


(I wish that I could tell you why I was laughing, but I have no idea.  I continue to get stranger by the day.)

While Kirsten wasn’t the victim of my pregnancy brain this time, I have been going through it in a big way this week- which explains this tweet:

Earlier in the week, I went to Target for some household items.  Some of the things that I bought, such as toilet paper and paper towels, were on the larger side, so the cashier put them on the bottom of the cart.  Well, I realized on my way home that I forgot to put the paper towels in my car before I put the carriage in the cart return.  I rushed back to the store as fast as I could, and luckily, my paper towels were still there.

Some old man saw me frantically loading them into my car and yelled, “It must be your lucky day!”  I assumed that he either knew what I had done or thought that I was swiping someone’s paper towels.

Then I did the same thing again yesterday!   I left about three bags of groceries on the bottom of the cart and then put it in the cart return and drove all the way home.  This time, I called the store, and some kind stranger had turned in my bags.  When I drove back to claim them, the woman at customer service said, “Oh, my poor dear.  You have some pregnancy brain.”

If this keeps getting worse, I’m in deep trouble.

On the positive side, I learned that there are still some honest people out there since none of the things that I left behind were stolen. 🙂

Have you ever left your groceries behind when you’ve gone shopping?  I am assuming that this isn’t a normal occurrence for most people…

I’ll be back later today with my latest grocery haul and my weekly staples.

Have a good morning!

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  1. Hi, I found you on SITS. I was just talking to my friend who is pregnant for the first time about this as I had heard this happens. I have a terrible memory and have definitely left groceries behind, and I don’t have pregnancy to blame 🙂 Hope you make it home today with all of your groceries in tow!

    • Haha. We all do silly things every now and then I guess. Truth be told, I did them before pregnancy…it’s nice to have something to blame it on now for sure! 🙂

  2. Haha, you are funny 🙂 At least you remembered your stuff later!

  3. Wait until your nesting faze begins! You want everything done, organized, cleaned & in tip top shape for the baby’s arrival as if the baby will notice that the cupboards are out of sorts!

    It’s crazy & funny how everything you read in the books about pregnancy is true!

    It is such an exciting time…how can you think of anything but?

  4. Its definitely a real thing and happens after pregnancy, too. I recently turned up for a hospital appointment FIVE HOURS early!

  5. Its definitely a real thing and happens after pregnancy, too. I recently turned up for a hospital appointment FIVE HOURS early!

  6. Grocery shopping is work and yes I have forgotten groceries too – usually on the bottom of the cart. You may have to find a way for your phone to send you a reminder or alarm to check things before taking off. Have a Great Day!

  7. Wait until your are pregnant with your third child! Things are very interesting then. lol

  8. Oh, pregnancy brain! It was the worst! Sadly, I never recovered!! Stopping over from SITS. Have a great weekend!

    • I’ve heard that a lot of people never recover. I’m doomed! LOL. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  9. I do stuff like that all the time, even when I’m not pregnant! Just today, I left my toddler’s water bottle at a restaurant. I was in a hurry to get us out as he was getting antsy and had a bunch of shopping to pick up as we left. Only realized it after we got home. Sigh.

    • I hate when I leave something behind and don’t realize until I’m home! I’ve always been guilty of that one, unfortunately…


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