Review of Gorgeous for Good: A Simple 30-Day Program for Lasting Beauty – Inside and Out

Switching to nontoxic products can be very overwhelming in the beginning.  When I first started, I really could have used a beginner’s guide or a cheat sheet as far as what brands to consider.

Well, as many of you know, I created a list of brands to try, and I hope it has been helpful!  And Sophie Uliano’s latest book Gorgeous for Good: A Simple 30-Day Program for Lasting Beauty – Inside and Out serves as the most perfect guide to getting started.  As soon as I saw it on my recommended reading list on Amazon, I knew that I had to order it.

(Note: I read the book on my Kindle, so I cannot comment on the quality of any photos that may appear in the printed version.)


I think the hardest part about transitioning to nontoxic beauty products is learning and remembering what ingredients to avoid.  Sophie actually provides examples of toxic product labels and nontoxic product labels making it very easy to see the difference.  It’s extremely helpful and also such an eye opening experience to see the comparisons.   Of course, you’ll also learn why you should avoid certain chemicals and ingredients.

My favorite part of the book is Sophie’s emphasis on balance and starting off slow- which is exactly how I advise others to make the switch.  She even confesses to having a few weaknesses as far as toxic beauty products and explains why there’s no need to be perfect.  After all, beauty should be fun!

The book also provides beauty tips (like dry brushing), the basics of good skincare, and includes a 30 day plan with meals (think lots of smoothies and vegetables) and fitness guides to help you look your best.

Sophie is never judgmental, preachy, or holier than thou, and who wouldn’t appreciate that, right?  You should also check out her website for more tips, product recommendations, and even videos.  I am definitely a fan, and I cannot wait to check out her other books as well.

If you read the book, please comment back to let me know your thoughts!

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