Starting a gratitude journal


It’s no secret that we all have good days, and we all have some bad days.  Sometimes we have days that are just downright amazing (for me, those would be my wedding day and the day Michael was born) and unfortunately, even ones that are just plain miserable.

Regardless of what may have happened, hopefully we can all find at least one thing that makes us feel grateful each day.


My gratitude journal/notebook


In fact, thinking about these things has inspired me to start a gratitude journal.  In case you’re not familiar with gratitude journals, this is how they work:

  • Find a notebook, diary, journal, or even some space on your phone or computer to record your thoughts.
  • Make an effort to write down at least one thing that you are grateful for that day- even if it is something as simple as free donuts in your office break room.
  • Dedicate at least 3 days a week to writing in the journal and try to do so at the same time of day (I’m going to write in mine before bed with a target of 5 days a week).
  • Try to keep negative thoughts out of your journal completely.  Think good thoughts!


Here are just a few reasons why I’ve decided to start a gratitude journal:

1.  Gratitude journals help to put bad days in perspective.   After a day that hasn’t been so great, you can flip back through the journal to read all of the wonderful joys in your life and be thankful for the fact that the good outweighs the bad.

2.  They end the day on a positive note (rather than going to bed with negative thoughts on your mind).

3.  When we’re grateful and feeling positive about our lives, we’re in a better mood and just naturally happier overall.  We’re also kinder to those around us and more pleasant to be around in general.


I’m really looking forward to writing in my journal and plan to start tonight.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Is anyone else interested in starting a gratitude journal along with me?  Do you have a journal already?

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Michelle

    That’s so funny you posted this because I just made this my new year’s resolution!! Slightly different though and I think really easy to stick to – I was given this little book called “The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal” where it’s as simple as it sounds – write one sentence about your day, or something you’re happy/grateful about. Each page has space for 5 years’ worth of entries (with an inspirational quote at the top). So not only are you taking the time to be more appreciative and mindful, but you end up with this amazing record of your life over half a decade. I was thinking how great it will be to see entries about Benjamin now versus when he’s 4 or 5 years old (not that I can ever picture him getting that big!!) Anyway, here is a link if you or any of your readers are interested:

  2. What a Great Idea! I reflect on my day and week and most times it ends up in a blog post, since I am not a keep a journal type of person. Good Luck – Happy Hump Day:)


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