The brand that Emma Watson convinced me to try

I knew that Emma Watson was something special from the very moment I heard her deliver a line in the first Harry Potter movie.  To this day, Hermione Granger is one of my favorite movie characters, and it is largely due to Emma’s portrayal of her.

I also admired her sense of style and how she was so well-spoken and not flashing her underwear all over social media or stumbling down drunk outside night clubs like so many other actresses around her age.  And her performance in Beauty & the Beast absolutely blew me away.

Emma has recently professed her love of brands such as RMS, Lily Lolo, and Jane Iredale (to name just a few), and well, now I adore her even more because she is making green beauty cool.  After repeatedly reading about how much she likes a brand, which started on Etsy, called French Girl Organics, I decided to check it out.

(You can read one of Emma’s beauty interviews here.)

After all, it’s probably the closest that I’ll ever get to kinda sorta receiving beauty advice from Emma Watson.

French Girl Organics has some of my favorite packaging ever.  It is so simple yet looks so chic and expensive- even though it isn’t- and it makes me want to fill up my entire medicine cabinet with nothing but their products just because it would look so pretty!

Green beauty spotlight on French Girl Organics- a favorite of Emma Watson!

The products aren’t just for show.  They also happen to be extremely effective, and I have a few recommendations for those of you are thinking about dipping into the line.

Sea Polish

Emma likes the Sea Polish for exfoliating her skin and says that it is so moisturizing that she doesn’t even need to use a lotion after bathing.

Rose Lip Polish

A lot of lip polishes are really rough and gritty (which I do like sometimes), but this one is extremely gentle and super super hydrating.  I’ve been using it every evening before bed, and it feels like such a little luxury.

Under Eye Oil

For some reason, many under eye products can sting and make my eyes burn, but this oil is gentle, nourishing, and eliminates puffiness.  It is also supposed to help eliminate fine lines.


French Girl Organics is such a winner that I’ll take green beauty advice from Emma any day of the week.


Have you tried French Girl Organics?  If so, what are your favorite things from the line?

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