The Hangover

(Note: Today’s post title refers to what happens after too much drinking and nothing to do with the movie of the same name.  Hopefully, you’re not too disappointed.)

At this time of year, a lot of us tend to drink more than usual.  How else are we supposed to get through the holidays with our relatives?

(Just kidding, all of my relatives who read this blog.)

Obviously, I’m referring to the fact that with all of the parties and gatherings, there comes a lot of alcohol.

Since I am not a big drinker, it really hits me hard when I do drink.  I’m not talking about putting lampshades on my head and dancing on tables (that was back in college). 😉

I’m talking next day hangover.




As I’m sure you know, too much drinking can be a little bit taxing on our bodies in general, so here are some natural ways to recuperate from all of that holiday fun!

  • Start your day by drinking as much water as you can stand in order to rehydrate and to flush out toxins.  Some people cannot even stomach water the day after a drinking binge.  If this is the case, try to suck on some ice cubes.  You’ll still be consuming at least some water.
  • After you’ve successfully downed some water, try having a slice of plain bread (without any nut butters or spreads).   Bland foods like toast (and pasta) are easy to digest, control nausea, and keep our stomachs calm.
  • Listen to your body.  If you’re not hungry, you don’t have to force yourself to eat.  If you’re slightly hungry (and sick of toast), some broth-based soup is a great option.
  • Later in the day, be sure to eat and drink foods and beverages that are rich in potassium (like bananas and coconut water) since alcohol can deplete our bodies of potassium.
  • Brew a cup of ginger tea to soothe your stomach.  Try grating 2 teaspoons of fresh ginger into a cup of hot water.  Let it steep for 10 minutes and then strain the tea before drinking.


And when you’re able to stomach the thought of drinking again, here are some low-calorie alcoholic beverages for you to try!

  • Choco-lite cocktail (from Fitness magazine)- This sounds delicious!  You can also try it with almond milk.
  • ZICO-mojito (from Tone It Up)- This one incorporates hydrating coconut water!
  • Health holiday cocktail recipes (from Eating Well)- You’ll find a whole bunch here.
  • Festive holiday cocktails (from Eating Well)- Lots more great ideas, especially for this time of year.


Have you gone to any holiday parties yet this year?  We have our first two this weekend, and I’m super excited.  I love holiday parties!

Have a great day!

(PS- Apparently, the FDA approved a hangover pill recently.  If you know me, you won’t be surprised that I still favor the natural remedies!)

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  1. Good tips!! Now is it bad to say that when I was in college, I used to pick the color of Gatorade the next day based on what color I felt like puking back up? Yeah…probably. *hangs head in shame*

    • thegrassskirt

      OMG. That’s hilarious! Blue, orange, and red would probably all be kind of awful…but the yellow is close to the color of pee, so maybe it is more fitting for the toilet? Haha.

  2. Michelle

    Speaking of Gatorade, I’ve always wondered: Is plain water fine/the best option after drinking or should I believe the hype that I need Gatorade to replenish electrolytes? I’ve always done water but then again, I’m also not very successful at nixing a hangover 🙂

    • thegrassskirt

      I’m not a big fan of Gatorade because it is basically sugar water, but you do need to replace electrolytes. That’s why coconut water is so flippin awesome. Bananas help too. 🙂

  3. Great Post. Another way to avoid the next day hangover is not to get to mixie mixie – beer, wine, cocktail, wine, beer, cocktail. I know I will have at least a one major headache the next day – OUCH! Also try to avoid any caffeine before a Holiday party – dehydrates you too!

  4. Hahahah!! I might need this Christmas Morning after the wine I consume on Christmas Eve…LOL!!

    Thanks doll for the great post and tips!


  5. Great tips! I agree that when one gets a hangover, its best to drink plenty of water the next day to rehydrate your system. One of my secret to help me with my hangover is a glass of ice cold pineapple juice. 🙂 I also know someone who once told me that spicy Korean ramen and an ice cold soda helps with her hangover. 🙂

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