The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

I’ve been pretty vocal about my love for The Honest Company lately.  In fact, I have a detailed review of the company’s customer service, website, and products in the works and plan to share it within the next week.

I also have lots of love for Jessica Alba, the gorgeous actress and founder of The Honest Company.  My affection for Jessica just about quadrupled after I recently read her book entitled The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You.


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The book is basically a manual on how to be healthier and more natural in many different areas, such as:

  • Food (along with a few simple recipes and tips)
  • Home (including how to clean, organize, and decorate)
  • Beauty
  • Skin and hair care (with grooming tips for women, babies, children and men)
  • Style (even for pregnancy!)
  • Baby (including traveling with kids, making homemade baby food, packing a diaper bag, and developing a routine)

What makes the book so special, in my opinion, is that Jessica doesn’t force an unrealistic lifestyle upon the reader.  I hate when I read a healthy living guide that basically tells me to live in a grass hut and eat tree bark (organic, of course).

But there’s none of that in Jessica’s book.  She has a “no lectures, no judgment, no guilt” attitude throughout the whole thing and recommends lifestyle changes that are easy and sustainable.  Better yet, she understands that most mommies and working women don’t have the time to churn their own butter or hunt all over the earth for obscure ingredients just to make dinner.

This book is honestly useful.

(Please pardon the pun.)


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Some other highlights of the book:

  • Family photos of Jessica with her husband and two daughters (which pleases this celebrity obsessed nosy-body very much).
  • A layout that is easy to navigate.  Jessica suggests reading the book from cover to cover, only flipping to topics of interest, or carrying it around in your purse for reference.
  • The fact that, like me, Jessica claims to have a black thumb (and provides some ways to work around it).
  • Jessica doesn’t use the book as an excuse to push her products. Sure, she recommends products from The Honest Company here and there (as any good businesswoman would), but she also gives homemade alternatives as well…which is awesome.
  • There are great ideas for getting the whole family involved in and excited about a healthy lifestyle.  This is is very important to me since I’d like to raise Michael to appreciate food, health, and nature.


If you’re looking for ways to make your home a healthier place for you and your family, this is a must-read!


Have you read Jessica’s book?  If so, what did you think of it?


Have a good one!


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  1. It’s so funny you posted this because I actually downloaded a sample of the book the other week and told the hubby I want it! I LOVE Jessica Alba, she’s like my celeb girl crush (hubby knows it haha), and obviously I loved her even more when she created this company. Thanks for the review, and now to bug the husband to buy it (it is my birthday and all, so he should do everything I say 😉 ).

  2. Tori G @ Styled Like A Rockstar

    I’m def going to have to check this out! It seems great!

  3. Love Jessica Alba. She has always seemed so down to earth whereas all the other celebrities are living on another planet!

  4. This sounds really interesting, and I like that she seems like a real person. My man is so into keeping organized and I’m not very good at it. I’m afraid I”ll be such a big disappointment to him when he gets home from deployment! I really need to read up on some keeping clean strategies.

  5. I love Jessica. I have never even heard of this, but I will for sure check it out now. I love a good book reco! 🙂

    Classy with a Kick

  6. I love her company! I had no idea she had a book out! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  7. I’ve been meaning to pick up the book, but haven’t yet. I was going to and then a friend told me that she’d read it and I was way too much of a “Vegan Health Nut” to get anything new out of it and that it was targeted towards “Normal Folks”. Hahahaha. Great friend right? Did you find that to be true? Can us health nuts enjoy the book as well? Haha. It looks like a great read and thanks for the review!

    • I’m a total health nut and still really loved it. There will definitely be some things in there that you already know, but I think you’ll still enjoy it!

  8. I’ve heard about this book a few times recently and it sounds like a good read. I haven’t read it myself, but I do like the fact that she’s not judging or making people feel guilty, just offering lots of good advice.

    • That’s probably the main reason why I like the book so much. Nothing is too extreme or preachy. It is like getting advice from a girlfriend. 🙂

  9. I’ve never heard of this company. So glad that I found you via Bloglovin’ Collective. Following you, what great information you have.

  10. I need to check out her products!

  11. I’ve not heard of this! (But we do get some things a little bit later here in England.) I’ll have to look out for it! As one of the co-hosts from the My Favorite Posts Weekend SHOW OFF Party! I wanted to personally thank you for linking up with us. Also, I’m hosting a Facebook like party on my blog where you can link up and increase your Facebook likes! I’d love it if you joined in too! It’s here:

  12. Thank you for the review of the book! I was/am super interested in it and I’m glad to see that you enjoy it so much! I was just looking on her website for products for baby Ian because his skin is so sensitive and can not deal with perfumes or fragrances what so ever. It be great if I learned how to make some myself!

    • Michael’s skin is super sensitive too, and this doesn’t bother him at all. I’d definitely recommend it for babies! 🙂

  13. Jessica Alba is my hubby’s crush! I think it’s because she has the same name as I do (I had my name first though:)). She does have some awesome stuff as I was reading the website. I am going to try the trial! Thanks for sharing this with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party 🙂

    The Wondering Brain

    • Thanks for hosting!

      And I think that I might just have a girl crush on Jessica Alba, so between you and her, your husband has GREAT taste. 🙂


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