The woes of toddler nutrition (giveaway closed)

I have one of the pickiest toddlers in the world living in my house.  That’s why I was so thrilled to try Enfagrow as part of this sponsored post program.  


Like every other adult on the planet, I’ve faced my fair share of obstacles and challenges in my lifetime.  And I am only half joking when I say that getting my toddler to eat ranks right up there on my list of biggest challenges.

Why is it that toddlers will eat something one day and then turn their noses up at the very same food just the next day?  And how come Michael will eat grilled chicken and hard boiled eggs when we are in a restaurant, but he will not eat those things when I make them at home?  Is it my cooking?  Or is he just trying to make me crazy?

 (By the way, if he is trying to make me crazy, it’s working.)

Michael eating

(He’s chowing down on pancakes in a restaurant in this photo, but he rejected the leftovers the very next morning!)

When it comes to getting Michael to eat new foods (and even foods that he used to eat happily at one point in time), I feel as though I’ve done everything but shove the food into his mouth and force him to chew and swallow it.

I’ve begged.  I’ve pleaded.  I’ve made airplane noises and cut his sandwiches into little dinosaur shapes.


(Feeding Cookie Monster the food he is supposed to be eating.)

I’ve also faced the realization that this is hopefully just a phase he’s going through and eventually he will want to eat foods other than milk, bananas, yogurt, and strawberries (which thankfully are all healthy foods!).

I suppose that if he is destined to be a picky eater for life then it will just become his wife’s problem one day.  Something for me to look forward to, I suppose.

Getting back to the present day…

One way that I manage to get Michael to eat is by allowing him to graze throughout the day.  I’ve been feeding him this way for about two weeks now and only wish that I had thought of it sooner.

Snack plate

In the mornings, I will fill the plate with things like scrambled eggs, whole grain pancakes, sliced banana, and strawberries.  I leave it out where he can easily reach it and let him run around and play.  When Michael is hungry, he goes up to the plate and picks off of it and will come back to it a dozen times throughout the morning.

I do the same thing for him in the early afternoon and evenings- loading the plate with foods such as sliced cherry tomatoes,  grilled cheese, almond butter and jam sandwiches, raspberries, crackers, cucumber, and avocado (obviously not all at once).

Sometimes Mic will eat the foods above, but a lot of the time he will still leave the food untouched (or put it in his mouth and spit it out).

Even though the grazing method has been working much better than the “sit down and eat method”, he clearly still has a big nutritional gap in his diet.

That’s why I have also started to give him Enfagrow Toddler Next Step.

It is a milk-based toddler drink that has DHA (a building block for brain and eye development within the first three years of life) and iron and complements the diet to help ensure that he gets adequate nutrition for his changing needs and tastes.

Aside from DHA and iron, Enfagrow Toddler Next Step has calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and 17 other nutrients to help support growth and development.

(Side note: My sister actually uses the Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Powder, which contains all of the same nutritional benefits, to help my nieces transition from formula to milk).

[UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed, and the winner has been selected and contacted.  Thank you to all those who entered!]

If you also have a toddler-sized picky eater living under your roof, you can enter to win an Enfagrow gift package containing one Toddler Transitions Can (21oz.) and one Toddler Next Step Natural Milk Flavor Can (24oz.).

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post letting me know why you want your toddler to try Enfagrow.   The winner will be randomly selected and announced three days from now.


Good luck!


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Enfagrow would be happy to help you with your questions. Please contact them at 1-800-BABY-123.

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  1. I want my son to try enfagrow because at 12 months he was severely anemic and had to he given iron supplements. Now he is almost two and we were able to stop giving him the oral iron but since he is such a picky Eater I am just worried his iron levels will go right back down.

  2. Id like to gift to my coworker, I think she would enjoy them

  3. This wouldn’t be something I would keep for myself. This would be something for my friend and her toddler.

  4. Teresa McCluskey

    I have two picky toddlers and I want them to try this product because its from a brand I trust!

  5. I’d like for our granddaughter to try Enfagrow because she has just become a toddler. I want to make sure she has all the DHA and nutrients she needs for proper growth and development.

  6. Randi Robinson

    I would use this for my sister-in-law who is expecting her first baby!

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