Thing I Didn’t Share Friday (8/2)

things i didn't share friday


1. On Wednesday evening, my friend Lindsay and I went to The Posh Closet’s children’s consignment sale together.  They didn’t have very many options for baby boys, but I did find a few cute things for Michael.  After I finished looking in his section, I had fun helping Lindsay pick out clothes for her daughter (like a precious pink polka dotted raincoat).  I also bought a few outfits for my nieces.  The sale was on the smaller side, but the items that they had were in great condition and mostly brands like Baby GAP, Janie & Jack, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, and even Juicy Couture.  Consignment is definitely the way to go when it comes to baby clothing!


2. Michael absolutely loves a song called Boom, Boom, Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy? on Barney & Friends.  Whenever it comes on, he cracks up, and I was finally able to snap a picture of it on Monday afternoon.  He melts my heart.


3.  I happened to be flipping through the channels on Tuesday, and I just had to pause on an episode of Full House when I noticed a totally different actor playing Danny Tanner.  It was so bizarre to see someone other than Bob Saget in the role, but apparently, an actor named John Posey played Danny in the original pilot.  And I am sure that you can sleep more soundly now that you know that little piece of trivia. 😉


4.  It is so hard to believe, but Michael had is 9 month check-up yesterday.  At our previous appointments, he just sat on the examination table and looked around the room.  Boy, what a difference three months can make!  This time, he was tearing up the papers, trying to steal the pediatrician’s clipboard, and nearly crawled off the table five times.  Who knows?  Maybe he’ll be walking by our next visit!


5.  I’ve recently gotten into watching a channel on YouTube called CloudyApples by a woman named Kassie.  She is so positive and upbeat, and her attitude is so contagious.  Her latest video called “Happiness Takes Effort” is a total must-see.  She’s also very into health and green beauty, and you know that I love that!


I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I had no idea there was ever another actor as Danny Tanner! I really will be able to sleep better tonight knowing that bit of info haha. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love #2 and Your Little Man is a Wild Man in the doctor’s office – ha! – such a great smile he has and I am sure his laugh is contagious:) Happy Weekend!

  3. I never saw Full House without Bob Segal. I think I would’ve had to stop and stare too.

  4. WHOA! You blew my mind with the Full House realization… I also had NO idea.

  5. I’m sure I would love baby consignment for sure!! And I’ll for sure have to check out that youtube channel!!

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