Things I didn’t share Friday (3/22)

Happy Friday!

 Here are some of the things that went on this week that didn’t make it to the blog…

Things I didn't share Friday 3-22

1.  Last Friday, I made green smoothies for my parents for the first time which included almond milk, cacao powder, spinach, cinnamon, banana, and strawberries, and they both loved them.   I swear that I’m determined to turn everyone into a fan- one green smoothie at a time.

2.  Back in August, the keyboard on my MacBook went completely and utterly haywire.  The folks at the Apple Genius Bar said they’d fix it- in exchange for Michael’s college tuition money- so I decided to live with it.

Living with it meant that I only had use of the shift key on the right side of the keyboard.  It also meant that I had to press the “B” key three times before it would type the letter in lowercase.  The screwed up keyboard would also put random capitals in the middle of words as I was typing.  It was extremely annoying, but I eventually grew accustomed to dealing with my messed up computer.

However, that’s all history, as I’m typing this post on my new MacBook Air (an early birthday gift from MT). I’m still not used to typing on a fully functional keyboard and still cringe every time I hit the B key.

3.  The house alarm woke my peacefully sleeping baby (and me) from a sound sleep this morning.  Poor Michael was pretty startled but calmed down after he had his bottle.  The fun continued when I got peed on (by the baby, obviously) and had to change my clothes.

4.  My mommy brain was in full force this week.  I was all proud of myself for putting our Easter cards together and took them to UPS on Wednesday to be stamped.  Well, I was immediately turned away because I put the return address labels where the stamps were supposed to go.  I felt like such an idiot, and the woman who worked there sure didn’t make me feel any better.  She said, “I’ve seen a lot of weird things in this place, but this is a first.”  I’m such a trailblazer.

5.  My food kick of the week is sweet potatoes.  For whatever reason, I just cannot seem to get enough of them.  I even thought about having one for breakfast this morning.  Don’t be surprised if you see a sweet potato smoothie on the blog next week.

6.  Lucy somehow got a hold of Michael’s South Carolina Gamecocks bib and completely destroyed it.  I think she’s acting out because she feels so awful with her new haircut– or maybe she’s just not a Gamecocks fan.

7.  I’m ridiculously excited about Michael’s first Easter even though, like Christmas, he’ll have no idea what is going on.  His Easter basket (from Pottery Barn Kids) makes me smile every time I see it.  It’s just too precious!

8.  I’ve been trying to tackle my collection of unread magazines this week, but I still haven’t gotten to them.  At this rate, I’ll probably read Martha Stewart’s Easter issue just in time for the 4th of July.

Tell me:  Are you on any food kicks this week?  What is your favorite magazine?  My all-time favorite is In Style (yet I don’t have a subscription for some reason), and I also love Self.

I’ll check back in tomorrow!


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  1. I love your posts! 🙂 Your UPS experience reminds me of something I might do…and totally be embarrassed about!

    My food kick this week is Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa in Medium. I’m eating it on EVERYTHING! Celery, carrots, whole grain chips, etc. So yum!

    My favorite magazines are: InStyle and Health

  2. Boo the Gamecocks.

    Not really. I don’t even know what sport that is.

    I currently have 4 magazine subcriptions- I have time to read none of them so none of them get read- they just pile up in front of the fireplace. ESPN (maybe Gamecocks are in one of the ones I never read), Redbook, ELLE, and Glamour. :-/

    • LOL. I wouldn’t know anything about the Gamecocks, if it weren’t for my husband. I’m not exactly a sports fanatic. 🙂

  3. Loving the Easter basket – so cute:) I have been craving cheese lately – probably because I am trying to eat less of it. Loving Natural Health lately as well as Sunset Magazine. Happy Weekend – love this series!

  4. I’m on a serious almond milk kick, so I’ll definitely be trying that green smoothie combo!

  5. Those green smoothies sound absolutely delicious!
    Isn’t That Charming.


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