Things I didn’t share Friday (4/5)

Things I didn't share Friday 4-5

1. My boys sent me some flowers on Monday for my birthday.  They make me so happy and remind me of spring (despite the fact that it has been gloomy and chilly outside these past few days).

2.  You may recall that I was on a major grilled chicken sandwich kick (with honey mustard) when I was pregnant.  Well, I never quite got over the obsession.  Even without the bump, I had to order one when I went to Main Street Grill on Wednesday.

3.  My sister Melissa was off from work this week, so Michael got to spend lots of quality time with his Aunt. I’ve always called her Melly as a nickname, and MT is determined to teach Michael to call her Aunt Smelly.  By the way, she’s expecting twin girls this summer! I cannot wait to buy them lots of frilly pink outfits.

4.  Michael and I have a morning routine that has been pretty consistent (more or less) for the past few months.  It includes some playtime on his piano play mat.  After he eats, I’ll place him on it with his feet at the keyboard, and he’ll play his heart away.  Lately, he’s been scooting and rolling all over the place though!  It looks like I need to get the ball rolling on baby-proofing this joint soon.

5.  On Tuesday, I met up with my mother-in-law at Earth Fare for lunch.  I was dealing with an extreme case of mommy brain on that particular day and ended up spilling my lunch all over the hot bar and the floor.  And of course, no one helped me clean it up.  They stood there and watched as the crazy lady with the baby picked lettuce leaves and beets off of the linoleum.

 Tell me something random about your week!


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  1. Your little man is one happy, smiley man – great capture of him:) Twins – how exciting is that and girls to boot! Have a Great Weekend:)

  2. Grilled chicken with honey mustard… reminds me how much I enjoy it and want to get back on that kick again myself!

  3. How sweet are those boys?! Happy belated birthday, by the way! Hope you have a fabulous weekend 🙂

    Diary of a Debutante

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