Things I didn’t share Friday (5/10)


Things I didn't share Friday 5-10

1.  The other day, I found The Care Bears on Hulu Plus, and I entertained Michael by dancing and singing the theme song.  Can you believe that I remembered the words?   Anyway, he didn’t find the show to be quite as entertaining as my performance and fell asleep within 5 minutes…while I continued to watch.

2.  Even though Michael was not a fan of sweet potato, he has been loving pureed peas this week.  It is so cute when he opens his mouth for more.  The only negative is that they are so so so messy.  Last night, I had to clean peas out of his nostrils during bath time.

3. Maybe MT and I have been living under a rock, but we just got on the Parks & Recreation bandwagon this week.   We can’t wait to watch more episodes on Netflix and Apple TV once all of our favorite shows go into repeats for the summer.

4.  My friend Brittney posted a photo on Facebook of her little baby girl wearing sunglasses.  I immediately commented to ask where she got them from, and just a few days later, she stopped by my house with a pair for Michael.  I have awesome friends.

5. The weather in Charlotte has been all over the place lately. I never know what to expect each day, and yesterday was no exception.  I thought that it would be kind of cool outside, so I put on a sweater, jeans, and boots and headed off to run some errands.  Well, it got up to the 80s, and needless to say, I was inappropriately dressed.  I was so hot that I actually went into a store, bought a cheap $5 t-shirt, and changed in the bathroom.


 Do you watch Parks & Recreation?  Anyone else remember the Care Bears theme song, or am I the only crazy one? 

Happy Friday!


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  1. Love those sunglasses, soooo adorable! What a great friend!

  2. parks and rec is our favorite show! by far one of the funniest shows on tv right now!! definitely watch from season 1-its hysterical and each season just gets better and better!

    • Oh, I am so glad to hear it! We had to start with the current season, so I am dying to go back to the beginning. Have a great weekend!

  3. Our weather in Indy has been the same way. We don’t know what to expect from one day to the next!

    I hope you will link up with me at for my TGIF Blog Hop!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Your little man is rockin the shades – oh so cute:) Happy Friday – Happy Weekend!

  5. Hi there! Thank you for participating in the Let’s Be Friends Bloglovin’ Hop! XOXO!

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    Your host, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  6. Oh the care bears! Memories!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. My co-workers and I were just singing The Care Bears theme song!

    And Parks & Rec is the best. Ron Swanson is my hero.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Umm…not only do I know the Care Bears song, I still have my Care Bear in closet. I might be even more crazy than you! 🙂
    Oh and I am so excited to follow your blog now…I too am a Lionel fan – big time!

    Check out the TWO GIVEAWAYS today only on
    Classy with a Kick


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