Things I didn’t share Friday (5/2)

things i didnt share friday 5-2

1.  When The Sopranos first aired 15 years ago, I didn’t watch and neither did my husband, but we recently got HBO Go and now we have access to all six seasons.  We’re only about eight episodes into season one so far, but we’re both completely addicted!  We even skipped our usual movie on Sunday night to watch a few episodes.   If you’ve never seen it but you’re a fan of movies like The Godfather (one of my all-time favorites), you absolutely have to watch it!

2.  It probably sounds cheesy, but I am working on a little postpartum makeover for myself.  Part of that involves being consistent with taking vitamins and supplements.  I’ve done lots of research on the best ones for anti-aging and skin, hair, and nail health and have been religiously taking them every night for the past three weeks since Addison was born.  I actually do feel like some of them have been helping my skin a bit, and I plan to do a post next week all about what I’m currently taking.

3.  Despite taking loads of vitamins (and apple cider vinegar daily), I came down with a pretty nasty cold this week.  I’m still not over it, but I do feel better than I did a few days ago.  Unfortunately, both of my little ones caught it as well.  The good thing is that I seemed to be hit the hardest.  Mommies can push through anything.

4.  My latest food obsession is Half Naked Popcorn.  MT actually saw it at Total Wine a few weeks ago and picked it up for me because he knew it was something that I’d love.  The popcorn is a perfect after dinner snack, and it is also pretty healthy.  I predict that this will be on my weekly grocery list for quite awhile.

5.  MT pulled up some old home videos of Michael last night, and they made me so sad!  When I was a little girl, I used to think that my father was crazy for getting all nostalgic and emotional over my baby pictures.  Well, now I completely get it.  I cannot believe that my baby boy is already 18 months old.  He’s growing up way too quickly, and I need to get my hands on some sort of time machine.  Anyone have one that I can borrow?

Were you a fan of The Sopranos when it was on television?  

Happy Friday!



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  1. a post partum makeover does not sound cheesy! you deserve it! surprisingly, i have never seen a single episode of the sopranos. have a great weekend!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better and makeovers are always fun!

  3. Love #2 and SO NOT Cheesy! Loved the Sopranos and pretty much watched every episode – might need to start over and watch it all over again. A time machine would be SWEET 🙂 Happy Tuesday!


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