Things I didn’t share Friday (5/31)

Things I didn't share Friday 5-31

1. Michael has two teeth now!  Both of his bottom front teeth have officially broken through the gums, and it is the cutest thing in the world.  Well, it is the cutest thing to me at least.

2. I’m totally incapable of pronouncing “Worcestershire” (as in Worcestershire sauce).  I actually stood in my kitchen the other day trying to say it while reading a recipe, but the word just doesn’t roll right off the tongue at all.

3. I take Michael for a walk around the neighborhood every morning and afternoon.  Our walks are my very favorite part of the day, and I just love talking to him and making silly faces…even if passersby think I’m a little nutso for it.

4. Yesterday afternoon, I went to The Baby Grocery Store for the first time.  It is like a health food store for babies, and I absolutely loved it!  The Today Show actually filmed a segment there the day before, but we missed it because it was right during Michael’s afternoon nap.

5. MT’s birthday is coming up, and since we’re big fans of Buddy Valastro, I got him a Cake Boss cake.  I was so excited that I already spilled the beans and told him that I got it.  However, I haven’t revealed what flavor it is yet.  Gotta keep some things a surprise!

6. When we were at the zoo last weekend, there was a gorilla lounging out on his back with his feet in the air.  As I was taking a photo of it, a little boy came up beside me and said, “My mommy lies around like that.  A lot.” I’m sure that she would have been just thrilled to hear that!


Does anyone else have a difficult time pronouncing Worcestershire?  MT cannot really say it either, so we just call the condiment “W sauce” in our household.


Happy Friday!

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  1. Ha, I can’t say Worcestershire either. I haven’t heard of that grocery store. Sounds pretty neat though!

    • I thought the store was a chain, but after checking their website, it looks like it might just be a Charlotte thing!

  2. Hahahhahaha….oh my goodness. Kids are adorable (but yes, the mom probably would have NOT loved that haha). Awwww little teeth. I wonder when Nia’s will come in!!! And that grocery store for kids sounds UH-mazing!! I can’t say that word either, and I won’t even type it…too much brain power haha

    My hubby’s birthday is coming up soon too! I’m actually being sneaky and going to the mall with my mom and sister today…I need ideas for him Ah!!!

    • I swear, you and I have so many similarities!

      I was an early teether, so I am not surprised that Michael got chompers so early. I just realized that I have to start brushing them. So weird!

  3. Haha that is tooo funny that that kid said his mom lies around like a gorilla lol. Happy Friday!

  4. The little man has teeth now – he has the greatest smile just like his mama:) A Cake Boss Cake – cool! Happy Weekend

  5. Aww yay for teeth! This baby health food store seems like such a good idea.


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  7. I tried your smoothie, can I say “yum”! I did have to use baby kale rather than spinach, but it was very refreshing with the coconut water. Thanks for sharing!

    I am new to blogging, just last week, yay!! So please check out my site. Would love any feeback.

    Have a lovely week!


    • I’m so excited that you liked the smoothie! Thank you for letting me know. 🙂 I’ll definitely visit your blog. Congrats on starting one up!


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