Things I didn’t share Friday (6-14)


Things I didn't share Friday 6-14

1. As I was cleaning the other day, Saved by the Bell was playing on television in the background.  It was the episode where Slater’s pet chameleon Artie dies, and Mr. Belding organizes a school wide funeral in his honor. Seriously, how did I not realize how ridiculously cheesy that show was when I was younger?  Don’t get me wrong- I’ll always love that show regardless of the extreme cheese factor.  In fact, that’s probably part of the reason why I do like it so much!  After all, I am a giant cheeseball myself.

2. My ipsy bag came in the mail yesterday, and it was kind of a let down.  The bag (which was not even remotely as cute as the one from last month) came with an eyeshadow palette that was basically pure glitter in strange colors.  Even if I wanted to wear the shadows, I don’t think they’d ever come off!   The bag also came with false lashes and lip liner, but since I don’t wear either, they were kind of a bust.  The bag wasn’t a total fail though because it did contain a pretty blush by NYX- and you all know how much I love blush!

3. I absolutely love making food for Michael and went on a baby food making rampage yesterday afternoon.  His favorite combinations right now are peas, carrots, and corn and also peaches and banana.

4. My addiction of the week is Trader Joe’s pineapple salsa.  I’ve gone through nearly an entire jar in just a few days, so I definitely need to keep reserves in the house for emergencies. (Because, you know, salsa emergencies occur so frequently.)

5. My smoothie combination of the week is kiwi, carrot, spinach, pineapple juice, half a banana, mango, a little vanilla pea protein powder, and a handful of ice cubes. It is so refreshing- especially during this heat wave we’re having.


What food(s) have you been into this week?


Happy Friday!


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  1. Tori G @ Styled Like A Rockstar

    Haha I remember that episode of saved by the bell! Now that I think about it that was a pretty ridiculous episode lol. Happy Friday!

  2. Sheena

    I was totally bummed about my Ipsy bag too…it came yesterday. 🙁

  3. I’ve never added carrot to a smoothie – does it blend up pretty good?! I think I want to try! I need to start making Nia baby food soon!!

  4. I just went on a baby making food spree also!! Once I get going I cant stop. I love your smoothie recipe. I have to try it!

    • Haha. Same here. If it wasn’t for the fact that I ran out of containers, I’d STILL be in baby food heaven right now!

  5. OH I haven’t seen Saved by the Bell in Forever. It’s not been on UK TV since I was almost a kid.

    Visiting from Aloha Friday Bloghop.

    Please pop by sometime.

    Life of an Agnostic Sunday School Teacher

  6. Loving these posts:) I am into chips and salsa lately as well as fresh fruit. Happy Friday – Happy Weekend!

    • I had my fair share of chips and salsa the other night. They are so perfect for this time of the year, and of course, I always love fruit!

  7. I just love when I see old TV shows like that. I don’t care how cheesy they are now…I still loved them when I was a kid!

  8. Carrots & peanut butter has been my downfall for the week. I have also been craving eggs every morning like crazy! I need to change it up. I love the Pineapple Salsa, I just got there fresh salsa & it was amazing!

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