Tips for protecting yourself and being safe

On Tuesday night, my friend Karen and I went to a free safety class in town compliments of the local police department.  The police decided to offer this class after a young woman in a nearby town was followed, kidnapped, and brutally beaten to death.

It was a tragic and unfortunate circumstance that brought us all together, but hopefully, those who attended the class are now more aware of how to protect themselves.

Because I care about my readers, I’m going to share some of the tips that I learned on Tuesday.



Tips for keeping yourself safe while in the car

  • Keep your car windows shut and the doors locked at all times.
  • When going to a drive up ATM, pull as close to the machine as you can get (without hitting it, of course).  This will prevent someone from being able to approach the driver’s side window.  Keep your car in drive while you’re making the transaction and the doors locked.
  • Always drive with your windows shut.  Only keep them down when the car is in motion.
  • When you approach a stop light or stop sign, leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you, so you are not boxed in and can easily escape if you need be.
  • Check the back seat of your car before getting into the vehicle.
  • When you get into your car, lock the doors and pull out immediately.
  • If you see someone pulled over to the side of the road, do not stop to help.  It could be a trap.

Tips for keeping yourself safe in public places

  • Always use a shopping cart to bring your bags to your car.  If you’re carrying bags, you cannot defend yourself.  The cart can also be used as to defend yourself.
  • Be aware of your situation at all times.  Look up when walking through a parking lot.  Don’t look down at your phone.
  • Always pull your keys out of your purse before you leave the store and walk with them in your hands when you’re heading to your car.
  • Before you enter a store, look inside the windows to make sure that everything looks normal.  If it looks like people are in distress, leave immediately and call 911.
  • Never enter a convenient store or gas station when the clerk is not at the counter.  It could mean that they are tied up, on the ground, or even worse.
  • Always look for the exits when you enter a new building, so you know where to go if you have to escape.
  • Park in well-lighted areas that are away from hiding spots, such as corners, dumpsters, and bushes.

Tips for keeping yourself safe at home

  • Wasp spray, hammers, pens, and flashlights can all be used as weapons against intruders.
  • Keep your porch lights on at night or install motion lights.
  • If you have a dog, put a “Beware of Dog” sign in front of your home.
  • Always go to the sleep with your cell phone in your bedroom.  Landlines can be cut, and you may need to dial 911 in case of an emergency.

Additional tips

  • When fending off an attacker, aim for their eyes, throat, groin, and fingers.
  • If someone threatens you and asks for your purse, throw the purse on the ground and run away.  This is why you should never carry anything that you’d be afraid to lose.
  • Keep 911 on speed dial.
  • It is perfectly acceptable to carry pepper spray, box cutters, or mini baseball bats in your purse.  Just do not bring those things into airports, public arenas or schools.
  • You can also get one of these key chains to use to fend off attackers.
  • If you are approached by someone who is asking for money or donations, do not pull out your wallet (thus revealing all of its contents).  You can always donate to the charity directly at another time.
  • Trust your instincts!  If a situation doesn’t feel right, leave it.

I’m really glad that I went to the class because I definitely learned a few things.   I’m so guilty of loading my arms up with bags instead of using a cart, but I won’t do that anymore!  I hope that you find these tips useful as well and pass them along to your loved ones.

Do you have any safety tips to add?  If so, please share them.  You can never be too careful!


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  1. Very information post! Thanks for sharing. I NEVER open the door when I am home alone.

  2. Great tips!! So informative and sadly, it’s something we all need to be more aware of. Thanks for the post!

    • thegrassskirt

      It really is a shame that we cannot help someone on the side of the road or give money. But you’re right- we all need to be prepared. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Jenn Staz

    Wow it def freaked me out reading through all of your tips, but I really appreciate it. We always have to be extra safe. I totally never thought about looking before I enter a store!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tips that you learned. They are very helpful. Tips such as these should also be taught to children in school. They should also be aware that anything can happen even in their homes. I hope all the communities would prepare a free safety class like this one. It would surely lessen the crime in their community.

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