TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick

Before I get into my thoughts on TOX-SICK and why I chose to buy it, I just want to state that what you are about to read is just my personal experience.  I am obviously a big fan of the book, but I encourage you to discuss any potential changes to your lifestyle with your physician.  

Most of you probably know that I have a pretty severe case of rheumatoid arthritis.  While I am currently taking prescription medication (via at-home injections), I have been searching for a more natural (and more pleasant) way to manage the inflammation.

Don’t get me wrong- I think that modern medicine is incredible, and I consider myself to be very fortunate to have access to effective forms of treatment.  However, I am the sort of person who just doesn’t like taking medication.  I would much rather discover the root of my problem and try to fix it rather than mask my pain through pills or shots (if possible).

I’ve researched ways to manage chronic inflammation for months and months, and most of what I read, I was doing already without any results.  I really started to get frustrated a few weeks ago because I desperately want to stop taking my medication (which is only about 65% effective for me, by the way), but there just didn’t seem to be any other alternative.

And then I read TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick.


TOX-SICK is a book by Suzanne Somers (aka “Chrissy Snow”), but it is unlike any other celebrity book that I have read.  It is well-researched with credible contributors without any fluff or cutesy language.  It focuses on all of the toxins that we are exposed to each day and the long-term effects, such as cancer, brain disorders, and autoimmune disorders (just to name a few).   You’ll learn about the dangers of mold toxicity, certain household cleansers and personal care products, the importance of choosing organic foods as much as possible, and even the potential hazards of using modern technology.

Suzanne includes a really helpful cheat sheet at the end where readers can find a summary of all the vitamins and supplements that are discussed throughout the book.  I wish that I had known that going into it because it would have saved me from taking so many notes!

I have only been taking the recommended supplements in the book for a week, and I already feel worlds better.  In fact, this was the first morning that I have woken up completely pain free in a year.  My fingers are usually very swollen, and right now, they look completely normal.


Do I think this book is the magical cure-all for every disease and illness in the world? No way.  Do I think that everyone should quit taking medications in favor of a few vitamins?  Definitely not!

I’d obviously love to believe that all of my issues will be magically resolved with just a few supplements and lifestyle changes.  But even if all of the positive effects I have seen so far are just some crazy coincidence, I don’t even care because this book gave me something that I have been longing for ever since my initial diagnosis- and that’s hope.

I am so optimistic that I can gain more control of whatever is causing all of the pain and inflammation in my body, and if you (or someone you know and love) is also in need of a little encouragement, I urge you to read it.  It never hurts to be more mindful of our health, right?


If you’ve read the book, please let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Awesome – so excited to have learned about this book – will definitely get it! So sorry to hear of your struggles with arthritis – Be well!

  2. PS – Do you take Vitamin D??

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