Vitacost haul (food, skincare, & condiments)


I placed one of my weekly orders to Vitacost a few days ago, and since my box arrived today, I figured that I’d share what was inside.

(Side note: I just subscribed to a farm delivery box for things like eggs, milk, and cheese since we go through those things quickly in this house with the kids.  I’m so excited about it and cannot wait to show you what we get!)

Vitacost haul

Eden Organic Black Beans

I’ve been loving beans lately in salads as a good source of protein, so I decided to stock up while they were on sale.  I cannot wait to have these black beans in a dish with avocado and salsa- one of my favorite food combos.

FunFresh Foods Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

You can read my thoughts about this salt here.

Happy Baby Happy Munchies Baked Organic Cheese and Grain Snack Cheddar Cheese with Carrot


Happy Baby Happy Munchies Baked Organic Snack Cheese and Veggie

These will definitely be included in my favorites on my mommy blog soon.  Both of my kids love them!

Peeled Snacks Organic much-ado-about-Mango

I love dried mango as a snack, so I am looking forward to snacking on these soon. I am curious to see how they compare to my favorite dried mango from Trader Joe’s.

Spectrum Coconut Spray Oil

And speaking of Trader Joe’s… I prefer their coconut oil spray, but this is a close second.

Tree of Life Organic Applesauce Unsweetened

This always comes in handy for baking and as snacks for the kids.

Tree of Life Organic Garbanzo Beans

I got these so that I can roast them this week.

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream

This has been my favorite day time moisturizer for awhile, and I needed to restock.  I just wish that it contained SPF, but I just add it separately.


Vitacost is running a sale right now where you get 12% off your order with the code SPRING24. I might have to place another order!

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