Weekend recap (I’m an aunt!)

This past weekend was nothing short of exciting, but before I jump into all of the really good stuff, here are some of the other bits…

First of all, the weather remained extremely gloomy and rainy.

When the grocery stores start to make cookie cakes like this one rather than birthday cakes, you just know things have been bad!

cookie cake

MT and I had a little date on Saturday evening and went to a restaurant called Mickey & Mooch for dinner.

It has been a pretty popular restaurant in Charlotte for years, but it was the first time either of us had ever dined there.

We started with some drinks and the tuna appetizer.  I had- you guessed it- salmon as my entree.  I swear that one day I am going to grow fins.

weekend recap 1

I enjoyed my dinner very much, but Michael’s steak was kind of a disappointment.

I’m usually not one to criticize a restaurant on the blog, but let’s just say that the ambiance and service weren’t great either.

At least we finally tried it!

And I also got to wear the cute little red and white striped dress that I bought at a boutique in Pinehurst a few weeks ago.

There were some errands and drives and obviously some other meals throughout the weekend, but the best part was when my sister Melissa had her twin baby girls!


All throughout her pregnancy, Melissa and my brother-in-law Matt referred to the girls as Baby A and Baby B, so they chose the A and B names Ava and Brianna.

(Fun fact: If Michael had been a girl, we were going to name him Ava.)

They are the tiniest little babies and so so so sweet.  Being that I don’t have a daughter (yet?), it will be fun to spoil them with frilly pink clothes and take them for manicures and shopping at the mall.

I’m also so happy that Michael has cousins right around his age and that they’ll grow up together.

How lucky are we? 🙂

How was your weekend?  What is the weather like where you live?

Happy Monday!





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  1. Well the Wegielski twins are soooo excited for Melissa!!!! We grew up with a cousin who was a few weeks younger than us and we joke around that he is a brother from another mother!!!! I hope Michael and “the twins” are just as close!!!

  2. Two times the pink frilly dresses! What fun!

  3. Congratulations Erin on being an aunt. The little twins look adorable! That cookie is hilarious, but I have to admit that my grocery store here in South Florida need to start baking some of these. Phew! It’s been nothing but bad weather down here. Have a great week! 😀

  4. True Blessings – Twice the Pink too! Love that the three will grow up together too – which 1 or 2 will get the other 1 or 2 up to no good – ha:) Loving your dress too – loving the stripes and floral right now too. HOT and DRY here – actually sunburned my nose – need to make wider and longer visors on bike helments. Happy Monday – Happy Week:)

  5. A and B names is SO cute!!! How funny is it that they named one Ava!!! Did they know you liked that name?!? Were you mad at all? Because I have a story for you on Nia’s middle name. Because of Nia’s middle name, my closest friend/cousin and I no longer have the same relationship we used to, which sucks, but it’s probably the silliest reason ever. You just never know what will set someone over the edge though!! It’s a shame!!

    I hope the rain goes away for you guys because are experience pure sunshine and hot, hot heat over here!!

    • Oh geez. I am sorry to hear that! I wasn’t angry, but I am definitely disappointed that I can’t use the name anymore- mainly because now I have to think of a new one!


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