Weekend recap (Lazy 5 Ranch)

It has been scorching hot in Charlotte lately.  If I don’t get the kids out for a stroll by 8 am, I can just forget the whole idea because walking any time after 10 in the morning is just too uncomfortable, sticky, humid, and gross.  In fact, I’ve taken up doing laps around the mall lately- a great air-conditioned alternative to walking outdoors!

Anyway, MT and I wanted to do something fun with Michael over the weekend, but it was too steamy to go to the zoo (my first choice), and he hasn’t been digging the pool (just a phase?).  MT found the perfect solution though- a place called Lazy 5 Ranch.

Lazy 5 Ranch is a beautiful piece of property with lots of free-roaming animals, such as ostriches, rhinos, pigs, deer, zebras, and water buffalo,  You drive through it all, so there’s no walking in the blazing hot temperatures.  There is also the option of taking a wagon ride.

We got a bucket of feed when we bought our tickets, and I was all excited to feed the animals.

First up- ostriches.


Let me just say, ostriches are officially my number one fear in life (even more so than clowns).  I have never seen anything more frightening.  One of the ostriches was particularly horrifying.  The eyes. The beak. The feathers.  That thing will haunt my dreams for years to come.

I actually attempted to feed the scariest ostrich of all, and he stuck his entire head into our car!  Needless to say, I screamed like crazy and feed was spilling out all over the place.  Poor Michael was all shook up (probably because he thought that his mommy was about to be eaten alive), so he was crying hysterically in the back seat.


Thankfully, we managed to get out of harm’s way, and the only other scary incident was when a zebra ripped the feed bucket right out of my hands.

The other animals were much friendlier, but it was probably because we kept the windows tightly closed after the whole ostrich and zebra fiascos.


I nicknamed the cow above “Clarabelle“.  If your child watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you totally get it.



We opened up our sunroof when we got to the giraffes (only because there were no ostriches in sight), and it was so cool to see them looking down at us.


 Giraffes always look like they are smiling, don’t they?


MT said that these next little guys (or gals) looked like surfer dudes (or dudettes).




I think they were my favorites (although the piglets were a close second).

Michael has a little noise that he makes whenever he sees a dog, and  I guess he was a bit confused because he made it when he saw several animals.  He has an awesome elephant impersonation, so I am dying to take him back to the zoo soon to see the elephants there.  We went last year, but he was still too young to really know what they were.

If you live in or around Charlotte or if you are just passing through, definitely visit Lazy 5 Ranch- even if you don’t have kids!


Did you do anything fun over the weekend?

Have a great day!


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  1. Oh My Goodness – Quite the Experience! Love the Giraffes though – cool shots through the sun roof 🙂

    Just a relaxing weekend here for us – hot, walk-in oven hot here this weekend in the high desert.

    Happy Week!

  2. Jaci K

    My 12yo daughter recently went there with her group from Girl Scout camp…looking at the dates, probably the same week you went. 🙂 She loved the little piggies and has talked about them and the experience non-stop since then. She has even talked about it more than the hiking with llamas on the Appalachian Trail that she went to camp to do.

    • Aw! I am glad that she had fun. We actually saw a few bus loads of children around that age when we were there. 🙂


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