Weekend recap (local fun)

I didn’t take a drive to Tennessee in an RV over the weekend, but my family and I did have some fun just staying in town.

The weather was absolutely incredible, so we took a family walk through our neighborhood on Saturday morning.


Later that day, I took Michael to a store called Fintastic (“an aquarium superstore”) to look at all of the fish.  I wasn’t sure if he’d really be into it, but he was so intrigued and kept tapping on the tanks (which I am sure the fish didn’t appreciate too much).


If you’re a mommy and you have any sort of place like this near where you live, I highly suggest that you take your little one(s).  Not only is it fun, it is free (unless you decide to buy a fish, of course).

MT, Michael, and I had dinner at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar that evening and sat outside on the patio.


I had really been in the mood for a burger, so I ordered one on top of a salad and shared my veggies with Michael.  I think he ate the majority of my avocado and cucumbers.

Bad Daddy's

That’s kind of how it works these days when we go out to eat.  I order something that I know I can share with Michael.

Remember when Skillets, our favorite breakfast joint, suddenly closed down?

Just Another Broken Egg Cafe

Well, a new restaurant opened up in its placed called Another Broken Egg, and we tried it for the first time on Sunday morning. It was pretty good, and they have a gluten-friendly and vegetarian-friendly menu…but we’re still not over Skillets.

Oh, Skillets.  Why did you have to leave us?

I ate out yet again for lunch when Michael and I met my friends Kirsten and Justin and their son Graham at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods

As I mentioned, the weather was spectacular, so we sat outside on the second level deck before we did a little shopping.


I think that Graham was flirting with me a little bit. 😉 Isn’t he precious?

The weekend also consisted of some more walks, a couple of movies, and utilizing our grill.

It is kind of hard to believe that these summer weekends are coming to an end.  I’m pretty excited for September though because I love the Fall…and because I’ll be seeing Lionel Richie in concert!

How did you spend your weekend? Are you sad that the summer is almost over?


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  1. I am trying to soak up the rest of Summer, but have not been able to do it outdoors – 3rd week of heavy smoke due to wildfires and very poor air quality here – poo! I love checking out the fish when I visit Scheels here – have freshwater and saltwater fishies – your little dude probably was just entranced:) Happy Week!!!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!! That’s so disappointing at a fave place to eat closed down. Ugh, don’t you just hate when that happens (or when one gives you food poisoning – true story for me and it just never tasted the same after that…because I only tried it once after the experiencing and thought, ew, the memories are making this so not worth it haha!)

    • Oh, you poor thing. Thankfully, none of my favorite restaurants have ever given me food poisoning, but yes, that would ruin it for me too!

  3. wow! All of that food looks amazing!!

  4. I’m definitely a little sad that summer is over. I feel like August flew by without me even realizing it.

  5. Wow! What a weekend! You have a very colorful life!
    And I like that you order for yourself and for your son as well…I can see my future…HAHA
    Who will be with Michael during the concert?
    Mr Richie is more fun than aquariums but I doubt that Michael would enjoy a three hour long concert…or is it more?

    xoxo, Eszter

    • Haha. My mom and dad are going to watch Michael while we are at the concert. I am excited to go, but it will be my first night away from him. I could cry just thinking about it!


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