Weekend recap (sick husband & lots of salmon)


So, this weekend was a bit of a bust.

It started off just fine with a trip to Trader Joe’s (always a good thing, in my opinion).



And actually, a lot of the things that I purchased there tied into how the rest of the weekend played out.  You’ll see…

On Friday evening, Michael and I had a brief visit with his adorable grandmother (Maw Maw).

She’s just the cutest!  Plus, she always sends us home with fresh veggies from the garden.

I was starving by the time we got home, so my original plan of making a new chicken dish didn’t happen.  All we wanted was something quick and easy!

Michael opted for a sandwich, and I attempted to recreate my favorite salmon salad from a local restaurant called Portofino’s.

To do so, I used the fire roasted peppers, green olives, and artichoke hearts from my Trader Joe’s haul earlier in the day.


It was a really good salad, but it still didn’t compare to the real thing.   Apparently, I also need to replicate the Portofino’s house dressing in order to get it just right.

Once it’s perfected, I’ll share all of the yummy details. 😉

On Saturday morning, Michael mentioned that his voice kept cracking as though he was a teenage boy going through puberty, and I told him that perhaps he was getting sick.

By the time Saturday night rolled around, he was feeling very sick.

Michael was really looking forward to making breakfast for me again on Sunday morning but obviously wasn’t up to the challenge.

I’ll definitely take a rain check on breakfast though, especially since he was going to make waffles this time (which is why I bought the mix at Trader Joe’s).

After a quick shopping trip to Ulta for some “essentials” and a visit with my beautiful mother for her birthday, I took Michael to Urgent Care.

It turns out that he has strep, and we were ordered to keep our distance.  He’s on medication now and feeling a lot better.  Hopefully, he stays that way- and I stay healthy myself- otherwise our trip to Aruba this coming weekend won’t be very romantic!

On Sunday night, Michael wasn’t up for doing our usual steak, wine, and popcorn routine, so we picked up some dinner at The Peach Stand instead, including more salmon and a giant apple fritter to share (although I almost made him get his own!).


I’m enjoying the fritter right now, and it is delicious.


Every morning should start with an apple fritter.

I have lots on my agenda for today, but the most important item is baking cookies.  Since last night, I’ve had a craving for chocolate chip cookies, but since we didn’t have any in the house, I ate a boatload of Cats cookies instead (you guessed it- from my Trader Joe’s trip on Friday).

Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s.

What did you do over the weekend? 

Have you ever tried to recreate one of your favorite restaurant dishes at home?  Were you successful?

Have a great day!


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  1. I hope your other half is better soon and keep your distance – both want to enjoy your upcoming trip. I tried to make baked risotto yesterday for dinner and it was not bad but it was not all that great either – pretty good attempt for the first time though. We had a date night on Saturday and saw Moonrise Kingdom. Have a Great Week:)

  2. Awe, poor hubby! I hope the meds started to kick in and he’s feeling much better. I used to get strep all the time, and eventually had to get my tonsils out when I was 20.

    That apple fritter looks so good though.. not sure how you were able to share it, haha. What a sweet wife you are 🙂

    • Thank you! He’s starting to feel a lot better now (thank goodness).

      Haha. The apple fritter was delicious. I cannot believe that I shared it either! 😉


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