Weekend recap (time with my parents & a random fact)

As expected, the weekend was very low key.

On Saturday morning. I visited with my parents for a bit and then got some produce from a local farm stand.



I also accompanied my parents on a trip to Costco on Sunday morning- and helped myself to lots of free samples.


Dark chocolate-covered pomegranates


At one point, my mother asked, “What are you eating now?”

The best sample that I tried was organic apple chicken sausage.  It sounds weird, but it was delicious!



My back was bothering me on Sunday afternoon, so I spent some time lounging on the heating pad and watching Who’s the Boss? on the TV Guide channel.

Random fact:

For about ten years, I received emails from various strangers who thought that I was either Tony Danza’s manager or Tony Danza himself.  I kid you not, and I have no idea why that happened.  On average, I’d receive about 2-3 of these emails a month.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I changed my email address (and by the way, the old one had absolutely nothing to do with Tony), I’d probably still be receiving messages from his fans!


Anyway, the heating pad really helped to alleviate my backache for a little while, but I’m pretty sure that I have now entered the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.

Just four more weeks to go though!

Because it was so beautiful, Michael and I grilled up some steaks and ate our dinner outside.  I just love this weather.



What did you do over the weekend?

Do you have any random facts about yourself to share?

Who else is looking forward to the Mike & Molly season premiere tonight?  I love that show.  It is definitely one of my favorites.

I’ll have a Trader Joe’s haul for you tomorrow, and it is a really good one. 😉

  Have a great day!


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  1. Oh my – dark chocolate covered pomegranates…seriously? WOW. Those look awesome – as does all that lovely fresh produce! Looks like a great weekend xo

  2. Looks like you had a great, relaxing weekend. So sorry that you are at the uncomfortable stage, it really sucks.
    I went on a date with my husband Friday night, got my haircut and highlighted, grilled out and “camped” with the kids on Saturday and attended the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday! It was a busy weekend.

  3. Costco samples are freaking the best. I hate that we don’t have one near us. And every time I hear Tony Danza, I hear the spoof of
    Hold me closerrr tony danzaaaaaa! #random 🙂

  4. I would have expected you to be a Lionel Richie fan magnet than Tony Danza, but whatevs.

    And how could you have changed your email address? Did you ever respond to these people?

    Four more weeks! Yea!

    • It was through my old AOL account, and I just closed it down because I switched to Gmail. In the beginning, I’d write back and say that I wasn’t Tony or affiliated with him in any way, but after awhile, I just stopped responding because it became so annoying! LOL.

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