Weekly round-up (1/20)


Happy weekend, everyone!

The weekly round-up is a day late because my boys (the two Michaels) and I took a nice long drive yesterday.  I also got sort of a late start to my day because the little one let me sleep in until almost 9 am.  It was wonderful!

So, here’s the round-up!

Posts from the week

Snow & breakfast time check-in

My health & diet book collection

Starting a gratitude journal

Baby & mommy must-haves for those first few months

A little inspiration


A little humor

(Obviously, I need to own this teapot…)

Links I loved this week

Healthy inspiration: 5 doable things to make your year fit, happy and healthy

Nuts for cocoa

How to raise a healthy eater in 10 easy steps

I hope that you’re all having a great weekend so far!


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